An Introduction

Dedicated follower,

Let me take you back a month in time. A handsome man, a lonely man, a slave to the passing trade at a 24 hour service station in Greater Manchester, is catching up on his weekly podcast fix- the usual mish mash of irreverent comedy stylings, satirical audio-newspapers and film based review shows. The themes are the same, Hollywood is rubbish, Arthouse rules all, Cinema should only be there to inspire or provoke or incite.

Our hero has had enough! ‘Cinema IS certaintly these things’ he exclaims to the man behind the 6 inch glass, who simply wanted 10 L&B and a Twix ‘But it is also that greatest of mediums that can do so much more. It can lift our spirits on a dreary day, it can make us laugh so hard we have to go to the toilet, it can wow us with mindblowing effects and brainless high-concept action. I, Christopher of Bolton, MUST produce a podcast that appreciates these aspects of Movieland, and gives the everyman a perspective on which of these spectacles of modern cinema are worth watching, and which are shit! But I cannot do this on my own!’

Flash forward a full month and after several exciting meetings and hours worth of free minutes on mobile phones, Casta La Vista! is born and unleashed upon the world. Chris and Chris (for the perfect podcast needs no fewer that two Chrisses) have scoured their minds and trawled up every inane bit of chit-chat they have spoken about movies during their long and amazing friendship and are unleashing upon you, the Dedicated Follower, to enjoy, savour, disagree with and ultimately respond to… and they hope that you enjoy it!

Enjoy episode 1, let us know what you think, and we’ll see you again for episode 2.

Much love babies, much love

Christopher (one half of Christopher and Christopher)



One Response to An Introduction

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