Chrisses’ Excellent Day

Dedicated follower,

So here we are, episode 1 uploaded and unveiled. Were you at the premiere? Heat magazine were all over us- it was insane!

We had a great time recording episode 1, I hope that comes across on the show. Neither of us has ever really done anything like this before so it was really exciting to actually sit down and know that what was a ‘what if we did our own podcast’ idea a month ago has actually become a reality in such a short space of time!

The day of the recording was quite insane and super positive for many reasons. Firstly there was the general buzz between us that we were recording episode 1 that night, so the text frequency between Chris and I was certaintly higher than most days (up from 2-3 texts to 10-15 texts!)

But then at around midday Chris 1 called me up at work and dropped an absolute bombshell on me and my world….He had a new job! A promotion! One he really wanted to get! And it involves him moving to Scotland!

Obviously there was the utter devastation that Chris was no longer going to be 25 minutes from my beck and call within the next month…but the important thing is that he has this amazing opportunity now up in Edinburgh and that Casta La Vista is now going to be officially International!

But that wasn’t all that this crazy day had in store for the team! At around 2pm whilst on a 15 minute casual break at work, Chris 2 (that’s me) checked his email and learnt that his application to start a Master’s Degree at Nottingham in October – something he is totally excited to begin as it marks the next stage in his development towards becoming Dr Legend (after an official name change) the world’s greatest Academic and part time crimefighter!

Good times!

I can only imaging how confusing this must have been to read what with all the tense changes and shifts in perspective – but I’ve come this far and going back and editing this bugger would only frustrate me and make me lose my buzz! If you’ve made it this far…well done. And thank you.

See you at episode 2.



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  1. Savage says:

    Strange little man

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