3D TV and the great consumer swindle!

A Completely Immerisve Experience, closer to reality than once thought?

A Completely Immerisve 3D Experience...closer to a reality than we once thought?

Dedicated Follower,

Mumbo jumbo aside, this Christopher certaintly has no overriding problem with 3D cinema.
As far as I’m concerned it can go about its merry business and make a nice tidy profit for itself so long as it doesn’t force itself upon me too much. There are certain films I am definitely willing to see in 3D (and pay that little bit extra for the pleasure) but for the most part I’ll be just fine with massive 2D screens and the occasional IMAX. If families and horror-nuts want to spend loads of dosh to see every new flick in their respective genres blasted towards their visor-covered faces then so be it, just don’t come running to me when you moan that besides all the flashy cool bits it was actually a pretty shit film and that maybe they should’ve hired one or two more writers than 3D engineers for production.
But moving on…
3DTV is a reality people, you read it here, erm, probably second, because I’ve heard it a few times now and I expect you have too. As I drove home on Wednesday from Mummy and Daddy’s house I flicked onto my current favourite radio stationTM and caught a swift promotion by one of the presenters talking about new gadgets. “3DTV is here!” he exclaimed, as I listened on in piqued interest. The advert continued…”why watch a film or a TV show in 2 dimensions when you can watch it in 3 and feel like you are really there?…watch your favourite football team play in 3D and experience the game as if you were in the stands next to them!” and so on, and so on.
But then came the kick to the windpipe: “You can only experience 3D television by buying a brand new ‘3DTV ready’ television, available from all good electrical stockists. Grab yours today!”
And that’s where I suddenly lost interest, and actually got pretty pissed off. I thought to myself, “Wait, hasn’t everybody just busted their arses getting themselves into crippling debt to buy ‘HD ready’ TVs and ‘HD ready’ Digiboxes and Blu-ray compatible recorders and players so they can have the Ultimate Home Theatre Experience? And now that they have all that stuff and are avoiding phone calls from credit card companies they sit down to watch Don’t Forget The Lyrics in all its full HD glory only to get to the first advert break, see Sky’s new teaser for ‘3DTV is coming soon..’ and then send Dad out to Comet to buy all the new gear they’re going to need in preparation for this new televisual Mecca, whilst Mum and the Kids throw the 40 inch flat screen and accessories on the fire where they belong?”
We’ve been duped!
And here’s an added perspective; We don’t even have HD at our house yet because we can’t bloody afford it! So now I’m wondering what’s the point in getting all the HD ready gear in if as soon as it’s set up I’ll just be told that what I really need is 3D blasting out in my living room?
That old addage of the computer being obsolete before you’ve got it out of the box is frighteningly prevalent here I think. Only from my perspective it feels even worse because I haven’t even got round to buying the computer yet!
And it’s very disheartening too. Check out this link; http://ces.cnet.com/8301-19167_1-10142957-100.html

‘But as the economy worsens, the forecast for the TV market is looking grim. The LCD TV market is only expected to grow about 17 percent in terms of units shipped in 2009, according to research firm DisplaySearch. This is down from growth of about 29 percent in 2008. Plasma TV growth is also expected to suffer with the market only expected to grow by about 5 percent in 2009 compared with a 24 percent rise in 2008, DisplaySearch said.

As a result, TV makers are looking for the next hot thing to attract new consumers. And some are hoping 3D TVs could be it. ‘ (from the above article)

I can appreciate taking a business perspective on this issue, and the idea that a market might need to be one step ahead of the consumer in order to sustain itself, but that makes for pretty grim reading from where I’m standing (because I like to read whilst I stand) when it doesn’t seem to show any consideration for the impact that encouraging people to keep spending MONEY THEY DON’T HAVE RIGHT NOW on new technological bullshit without analysing the effect that is going to have on the individual.

Yes I suppose the counter argument of “if you can’t afford it then have the strength not to buy it” may be relevant, but we have seen with our own eyes the effectiveness of mass marketing, peer pressure, brand power and a whole host of other techniques that companies employ to encourage sales, without any apparent care for who’s bank accounts they are draining in the process.

I know, I sound like a right old git, but I can’t help it.

Here’s something else that I have a problem with:

‘I checked out Panasonic’s home theater in 3D. I must admit, the experience was phenomenal. I felt like I was on the floor at the Olympics opening ceremonies in Beijing right alongside the hundreds of dancers and drummers. ‘ (from the same article)


Statements like that really piss me off. When people talked about HD saying “it’s like you’re there man!” or you watch a 3D movie and hear folks saying “I thought I could’ve touched Bolt!”. Are you fucking kidding me? Back in the day when that geezer put 50 people in a room for the first time and showed them footage of a train coming towards them and they all bricked it- THAT WAS REAL REACTION!!! It had never happened before, cinema was new. The whole concept of sitting in a darkened room and watching something happen that wasn’t phsically in front of you was foreign.

But these days? If you can’t tell the difference between being courtside at a Basketball game and watching it on TV in your living room…WHILST WEARING 3D FUCKING GLASSES [“Panasonic’s Keisuke Suetsugi…said that it will be at least 10 years before the technology is advanced enough to provide a similarly robust 3D experience without glasses” QUOTE!!!]…then you have got problems, and maybe watching television should be lower down on your list of priorities.

Look, I’m down with technological advancement, and I appreciate consumerism and all the wonderfull benefits it has bestowed upon us, society. But doesn’t this all seem a little too fast, and a little too “all we care about is money and image?”. Shouldn’t we recieve these bountiful new technologies one at a time, and then actually take the time to benefit from them and appreciate them? I mean, DVD is on the outs after 10 years of market domination and even that doesn’t feel like time enough to have really taken stock of it. It feels like HD is already being cast aside before it’s had chance to really impress EVERYBODY (not just those that have had it for a while now because they could afford it). And it also makes Sky’s campaign of “HD, now it’s for everbody” completely degrading and offensive if you consider that the line could continue “it’s for everybody…because we don’t give a shit about it anymore as we’re already moving on. See you later suckers!!!!!”

This has been quite the rant. And I hope you don’t mind that.

Thanks for reading.


Christopher (one half of Casta La Vista)


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