INTERMISSION! – Cast from the Past

Cast from the Past

Cast from the Past

We are pleased to present with a distinct lack of editing, theme music or even shotgun noises, the glorious return to regular audio Casta.

What we have here is what was supposed to be a twenty minute catchup of what we’ve seen in the break, which instead turned into a forty minute rant of recent films both good and bad.

We hope you enjoy – be sure to stick around for next week’s very exciting return episode proper.



3 Responses to INTERMISSION! – Cast from the Past

  1. A thoroughly entertaining round up, well done Chrises.

    Couldn’t agree more about UP, definitely film of the year. Could it be the first animated film to win Best Picture at the Oscars? Will it even be allowed to be nominated? Who knows. I went to see it with a friend (Rich) and he immediately said it was his favourite film, the best film he’s ever seen. It’s that affecting. I loved it, perhaps even more than Wall-e, I’m not sure yet. Also we saw it in 3D and it was an absolute treat, definitely worth £10 (which I was grumbling about beforehand).

    Looking forward to the next Casta proper.

    • castalavista says:

      We had a bit of a chat last night about the possibility of it being nominated for best Oscar and to be honest, I don’t think the academy is there yet – even with there now being ten nominations for best picture.

      It’s a crying shame really as it seems a bit discriminatory. Saying that though they did plum for Return of the King a few years ago. Fingers crossed they do – even getting a nomination would be a huge step forward for animated films.

      Speaking of my involvement with it though, it really was a wonderful piece of cinema; tear jerking, heart felt and honest. It addresses a lot of issues we all face (fear of getting old, abandonment, acceptance) in a really sincere way that surprisingly manages to avoid preaching.

      What on earth can Pixar do next?!

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