Episode 5 – Casta the Friendly Ghost




Casta the Friendly Ghost (right click and “save target as” for download)


Scary stuff eh? We are proud to offer for your delectation the newest episode of everyone’s favourite* podcast in which we mostly talk about horror and about how average I (chrazza mazza) think it is.



* may not actually be everyone’s favourite podcast



3 Responses to Episode 5 – Casta the Friendly Ghost

  1. Ste Hitchen says:

    Great cast this week guys, you got me thinking about film bits that freaked me out as a kid. In Beetlejuice when the hand rail up the stairs turned into a snake, it took me a while to go up the stairs by myself after that… I was also freaked out by the wheelie men in Return to Oz. Totally agree with Who Framed Roger Rabbit too, everything about Castopher loyd’s character scared me. His freaky cartoon eyes were the worst…

    Keep it up guys

  2. castalavista says:

    enjoyed my 3rd listen…yes i know there are 5 and a half!! I would like to to discuss the fact that in the best horror movies of recent years you both missed out The Mist! Best horror in ages!! The horror of mankind against mankind totally epic in horror history!

  3. […] were contacted by regular listener Dan (from the bath as mentioned in Casta the Friendly Ghost) who asked if he could do a guest review of the new UBER DISASTER FEST […]

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