The Castastrophies 2009

The Castastrophies 2009

Merry Christmas!

In order to celebrate the festive season we are proud to present the very first Castastrophies award ceremony where we look at the cream of the crop of 2009 – as well as some of the more forgettable films which, oddly enough, we happened to remember.

So don’t listen to Queeny, don’t spend time with your family, when Christmas has become a bit too much, kick back and let the Casta Crew brighten up your Christmas.

Festive kisses!


2 Responses to The Castastrophies 2009

  1. […] we’ll probably forget the first half of the year when it comes round to this year’s Castastrophies – just kidding… This then is a handy recap of the things you should be looking out for […]

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