Review – Daybreakers

I know what you’re all thinking “all we need right now is another vampire flick” right? And you’re saying it all seriously and stuff aren’t you? Well shut up already! Vampires are mega cool really, even if they have been a bit emoified recently.

So the Spierig brothers are here to serve up a slice of vampirism from a nice shiny new perspective – Vampirism has taken over the world and the vamps are on the hunt for the remaining humans as their blood supply is fast running out.

You want more story than that? Well unfortunately there isn’t a whole heap more – and if the film really falls down for anything, it’s that it’s pretty one dimensional. That’s not to say that the film or the plot is ill conceived, it just doesn’t really feel like there’s any depth to the whole thing. People come and go, appear and disappear, move back and forth and it’s mostly quite shrug worthy. The odd action scenes generally miss the mark and they were something I was expecting and hoping to see a little more of. The universe itself is quite pleasing though, with real consideration as to what future-technologies a society of vampires would actually need in order to survive – it’s just a shame that the style wasn’t backed up with a little more substance.

Ethan Hawke is good in the leading role and, you know what, I’ve missed him – he’s a very relatable and likeable guy, even if he doesn’t have a reflection. The rest of the cast don’t really have all that much to do though to be perfectly honest and that’s a shame. It’s always nice to see Willem Dafoe doing… well anything really – but all he really does here is play the role of Mr Exposition and turn up at random intervals whilst grimacing throughout, and the ever fantastic Sam Neill just kind of sits postulating in an office. Criminal underuse of two of Hollywood’s finest.

For those of you who’ve been hankering for a proper vampire film ( you know with teeth that don’t sparkle) and are feeling a whole left by the lack of a Blade or an Underworld this year then this will be right up your street. If not then fuck off and pull the stick out of your ass.


No but seriously it’s pretty fun really but it misses out great status for the fact that there’s not really all that much to it. It is worth noting though that the whole thing was shot and put together for around $30 million. I’m not going to be subtle about this at all; I recently saw X Men Origins: Wolverine which was fucking dire and marred by poor CGI and cost five times more to make than Daybreakers. Wow. From that perspective the £30 million was well spent and, from a budgetary perspective, the film is undoubtedly a success – bearing this in mind I’d like to think that the Spierigs will move onto bigger and better things and frankly, I can’t wait to see what they do next.


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