Project 365 – Week 3 – Jan 15th to 21st

Woohoo I’m past fifty!

Okay so this has been a real weird week as, after the crap of week 2, I decided to try and raise the calibre of the films I watched – subsequently I find it really difficult to pick out highlights and lowlights because so many films I saw were so good. I did say however, that I would give three highs and lows each week so please bear in mind that my lows this week are in no way bad films (and should not be compared to the lows of previous weeks), I just didn’t enjoy them as much as the other films I watched. Same goes for the highs actually, which only just managed to stand out above the rest.

I hope every week can be as good as this one.

So then:

37. Falling Down
38. The Book of Eli
39. The Pursuit of Happyness
40. Waltz with Bashir
41. In Bruges
42. Casablanca
43. Aliens
44. Last of the Mohicans
45. Four Weddings and a Funeral
46. Bangkok Dangerous
47. American Gangster
48. Deliverance
49. Race to Witch Mountain
50. Up in the Air
51. Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid
52. Get Carter
53. Charlie & Boots

Highlights: Falling Down, Casablanca, Devlierance

Lowlights: Waltz with Bashir, Last of the Mohicans, Race to Witch Mountain


5 Responses to Project 365 – Week 3 – Jan 15th to 21st

  1. Simon says:

    You didn’t like Waltz With Bashir?

    I demand an explanation.

    • castalavista says:

      It’s not that I didn’t like Waltz with Bashir – I just didn’t enjoy it anywhere near as much as the other films – same with Last of the Mohicans, no way a bad film, it just didn’t do it for me. Sure Race to Witch Mountain was bad but it was a lot of fun.

      It was a really tough week to pick bests and worsts though, I could have had about ten of those films in my highlights…

  2. Nick Flanagan says:

    If you like you can borrow my “Its Sin City for historians” to describe Bashir, also i was duped thinking it would by Martin Bashir and the next Michael Jackson interview, on the topic of dance.

    How was In Bruges for you, i’ve recommended it and its fallen on mixed ears. Also i’m amazed Butch and Sundance wasn’t a favourite. How could you not love it?

    I presume Get Carter was the good one. With Sly Stallone. Joking, obviously. But come on Tardy, we need a year. I’m also really amazed American Gangster wasn’t in the bottom 3. Expect to see this trailer soon. “This Summer. Denzel Washington. Russell Crowe in. “Generic Thriller”.

    I think you’ve chose some real easy films to watch here. I demand a little more in the up and coming weeks. And i want Dr. Zhivago and similar in there.

    Also i really think you need to re-watch Fargo. I can’t believe you think its boring. And Lebowski? Well i never. Barton Fink is probably my next best Coen joint.

    • castalavista says:

      In Bruges was indeed a lot of fun but falls into the middle ground when held up against the other films this week. I’d happily recommend it to people to watch.

      Butch and Sundance very very nearly was a highlight, it was either that or Deliverance, but Deliverance won me over with it’s simplicity.

      I was going to say something witty about how it would obviously be the Caine version and not the Stallone one – then say about ow I don’t watch rubbish films. But then I decided that would probably be a lie.
      It was indeed the Caine version though and it was a lot more brutal than I was expecting for a 70s film…

  3. […] most films watched in any one day was five (twice, once in week three and once, unsurprisingly on the last day of the […]

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