Casta La Vista: Wasta La Time!

The great Casta La Vista Live Non-event!


This past Saturday brought with it the promise of another phenomenal Casta first: Chris and I (Chris) found ourselves in the same location at the same time! No word of a lie, true as this keyboard and cup of tea that are now sat in front of me, Chris Madden was in my front room in Nottingham, full of smiles and ready to record our first episode of Casta La Vista mano-et-mano.

It was a great episode too, with plenty to talk about as always; we reviewed Edge of Darkness, A Prophet and Precious, talked about Documentaries and discussed the recent Oscar and Razzie nominations. We treated the event as a celebration; to aid us in recording the episode we supplied ourselves with bottles of cider and amaretto- as well as a full bag of Doritos that Chris M destroyed!

Setting the whole thing up was a bit of a pain in the arse and we needed some help from our good friend Julia to get PC’s and recording equipment that would help create this unique event, so thanks go out to her.

As I’m sure you’re aware by now, everything was in place for possibly the greatest episode of Casta La Vista ever.

The lights went down, the drinks were poured,  the notes were ignored as always and the chat started…and then… one hour and fifteen minutes later (with a great episode under their belts)…a now slightly drunk Christopher Wakeman leant over to save the recording…AND FOUND THAT IT DID NOT EXIST!

Somehow (presumably in a drunken haze) we had not managed to record the episode, but were unaware of this and so spoke it all anyway!

We are understandably devastated and want to apologise to our devoted listeners who might be reading this in place of our regularly scheduled (yeah right!) episode of Castatainment. Sorry guys.

But rest assured, we are re-recording the episode- which second time around will be super polished and error free (!)- From our normal ‘opposite ends of the country’ armchairs very soon; so something audible should appear on the site and on iTunes in the next couple of days.

In the meantime why not get re-acquainted with your two favourite Chris’s’eses’ by listening to an old classic on the site or check out some of the great written content that we provide, including a new review of Youth in Revolt which I, Christopher Wakeman, had the pleasure of watching this very afternoon? You could pop along to the Facebook group and give your pennies worth on something movie-related you’ve been up to since we last spoke, or just to berate us for being complete nincompoops (we deserve it this time).

Thanks for your support as always, you’ll hear from us very very soon.



3 Responses to Casta La Vista: Wasta La Time!

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