Project 365 – Week 8 – Feb 19th to 25th

These “classic” films just keep on impressing! A great week despite not having seen the most films ever. My Name is Khan is possibly the best film I’ve seen so far this year and is still on at certain cinemas, so go see it if you can!

103. Annie Hall
104. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
105. Solomon Kane
106. A Serious Man
107. Cocoon
108. Wolf Creek
109. Stormbreaker
110. Some Like it Hot
111. Right at Your Door
112. My Name is Khan
113. Severance
114. Balibo

Highlights: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Right at Your Door, My Name is Khan
Lowlights: Cocoon, Stormbreaker, Severance


2 Responses to Project 365 – Week 8 – Feb 19th to 25th

  1. D Jizzle says:

    Again….. Stormbreaker???

    Thats a champagne film that one mate!

    • wakeman24 says:

      Haven’t seen Stormbreaker- the main guy in it is freakishly handsome though isn’t he? Doesn’t Rourke put in some scenes too?

      CM has no idea what he’s talking about putting Cheaper by.. in the low lights column, it’s a joy to watch. Bonnie Hunt… YES PLEASE!

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