Project 365 – ON HIATUS!

Hiatus Chris? Surely not! Is this all going to fizzle out like everything else you do? What are you playing at?!


Okay so at the moment I’m around twice as far ahead in my goal of watching 365 films this year as I need to be at this point in time. The two main reasons for starting the project in the first place were:

1. To catch up on all those “classic” films I really should have seen by now.

2. The challenge.

See the thing is, whilst I’ve very much been sticking to point one, point two hasn’t really come into it and as of yet there hasn’t been any challenge involved at all. As alluded to in our most recent episode, the malaise has kicked in and I certainly feel that in a lot of cases, I’m watching films just for the sake of crossing another one off the list and that was never really the point.

So here’s where the additional challenge comes in… In 2004 there was a TV show released which a few of the more eagle eyed listeners (ooh we’re multi sensory!) out there might have noticed. This show was Lost. I never started watching Lost – in fact I always said that I’d watch it all when it’s finished – that way I wouldn’t have to have the annoyance of finding out exactly nothing every episode then waiting a week just to find out nothing again. Well very recently I was kindly reminded of the fact that Lost has very nearly finished now and that’s where the idea of this challenge hit me.

Watch all of Lost in time to watch the series finale.

The series finale is on the 23rd of May and a quick bit of maths reveals the fact that there are 120 episodes to watch leading up to the finale (including all the others in Season 6). Each episode is around forty two minutes long which means that in seventy six days, I need to watch eighty four hours of Lost – an average of sixty six minutes a day until then. This might sound pretty easy – especially when you consider how much time I spent watching film in the first two months – but when you factor in my three week holiday to Canada in a fortnight, having to keep up with current cinema releases for Casta and the inevitable lull in interest following the same characters for such an extended period, I think I’m on for a fair old challenge!

So in the meantime I’ll keep watching films but just not quite as avariciously as before – I won’t be doing my weekly updates, I might just do them every time I hit twelve films or something. Hopefully then I’ll come back to 365 after Lost is finished with renewed interest and a greater appetite for a more difficult challenge.

Wish me luck!


2 Responses to Project 365 – ON HIATUS!

  1. Dan says:

    Lee has been watching all the seasons of lost over the last month or so. I couldn’t be bothered with it myself – but saying that I struggle to find time to watch our weekly movie sometimes.

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