Where the Hell are we?


Okay so I went on holiday to Canada and guess what? It was amazing! Okay so I’m back so why  the hell the hell is there no new Casta?! Well hey guess what, I’m moving house again! And guess what makes it even better! Chrazza Wazza came up to Edinburgh to help me to do it!

Chrazza Wazza did an excellent job of steering the good ship Casta whilst I was away but I can’t wait to get back with some tag team Casta amazo-content!

We should be back on track next week with brand new Casta so hold on to your hats – it’s going to be amazing.

Mega love!


(note: I wrote this whilst I was drunk – hence it not really making any sense)


3 Responses to Where the Hell are we?

  1. Dan says:

    Hey! where’s this podcast you promised us!!??

  2. […] back! Apologies for the delay folks but as noted here and here we do have more credible excuses for our lapse in regular ‘casting other than just […]

  3. […] all Casta has been a learning curve for both of us and for every victory there’s been a pitfall or two – needless to say though, we’ve come a long way since our very first posts and hope that […]

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