Delayed? Again?!

That’s right Casta fans, Chrazza Mazza here with the unfortunate news that the next episode of Your Favourite Podcast® is going to be delayed – but only slightly…

Fear not! The  recording has all been done (and it’s a beaut I might add) but I’ve gone and taken myself out of commission.

Fortunately I haven’t contracted swine flu (for a second time) – so what’s the call for the poster above? Well I’ve gone and put my back out… again…

The cause?

I sneezed.


So I can’t really sit up for extended periods and thus am not in a fit position to do any of the editing for a couple of days. But don’t worry, it should be up by the middle of the week (I hope) and I’m fine – thanks for asking.

Right well this has taken me five minutes to write and my back is killing already, so it’s back to bed for me!



One Response to Delayed? Again?!

  1. […] Casta has been a learning curve for both of us and for every victory there’s been a pitfall or two – needless to say though, we’ve come a long way since our very first posts and hope that […]

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