Episode 16 – Butch Castidy and the Sundance Kid

Butch Castidy and the Sundance Kid (right click as “save as” for download)

Cripes! Has it been a fortnight already?! Well never fear, we’re back again talking more of the usual awesomeness with reviews of Iron Man 2, The Ghost Writer and The Disappearance of Alice Creed as well as everyone’s favourite quiz Castamind and a call out for five lucky people to join the Casta club.


2 Responses to Episode 16 – Butch Castidy and the Sundance Kid

  1. Another great, sprawling episode of Casta. Nice to have it back.

    That Magnum ad, eh? I couldn’t believe it actually was Benicio Del Toro. I assumed because the woman kind of looks a bit Angelina Jolie (more when she has her sunglasses on) that he was a very good Benicio lookalike. But no, it seems after the success of Che, he thought he had reached his acting peak and is now doing any old shit.

    Super-8, eh? Well, I watched Iron Man 2 (more on that later) in Canada, so I saw the Super-8 teaser trailer. It announces that it is “coming next summer” so this was an earliest footage, teaser trailer akin to early Cloverfield trailers and that Star Trek one with just the Enterprise being built. It also says it’s produced by Speilberg and directed by Abrams. The plot seems to be Cloverfield in the 60s (or late 50s maybe, I forget). On a certain date the government close a section of Area 52 and transport something to somewhere. But oh no, someone purposely crashes a car into the train and among the crashed carriages something, something big, thumps against the steel train door. DENTING IT! Then the title Super-8 appears.
    So all the footage in the film may be on Super-8 but the footage in the trailer certainly wasn’t. That’s all I can tell you about that.

    Finally Iron Man 2, eh? Meh, more like. While I enjoyed it, I felt it stuck to every other superhero/action film narrative structure. Not a patch on the first film. There was too much squabbling about the Iron Man armour and hardly anytime spent on the characters. The only threat apart from the bad man getting the suit, was Tony dying, which, because he didn’t TELL ANYONE until he’d fixed it by creating a NEW ELEMENT based on the plans of a FAIR GROUND, caused no friction between anyone. It seems the only point of it was to cause a threat, or make us care for Tony. But we liked Tony anyway and the main threat of the film should be the main threat right? Pffft.
    Also, in a comic book movie, I’d like my comic book characters to have comic book names. If they’re supposed to be Whiplash and Black Widow, at least refer to it once. Pffft.
    I enjoyed The Losers a lot more because that film knew what it was supposed to do and did it well. I had faith in Favreau and Downey Jr. after Iron Man 1, but either studio pressure got to them or the first film was a one-off, I don’t know. I won’t be getting too excited about Iron Man 3 (god forbid) but a Whedon-helmed Avengers I will be.

    And that’s my two pence. Well, more like 50p there. Don’t spend it all at once.

  2. castalavista says:

    We will cherish every penny!

    Great thoughts as always Adam, I too have a fear with the Avengers franchise that it might get a bit too ‘real’ for it’s own good and forget to use all the cool names for it’s heroes/villains. But like you say, with Whedon on board how can we not get excited!

    Cheers for the Super 8 review too, Casta fans can now view the teaser online at apple trailers or other reputable vendors. It is reminiscent of previous JJ teasers, enough info to whet the appetite without any hint of what the plot might actually be. Plus the Spielberg connection is interesting, apparently JJ sees the film as his attempt at early Spielberg- think E.T and Close Encounters- great fantasy through and through. Very jealous you saw it in a cinema too, lord knows when we’ll get the same opportunity this side of the pond!

    And finally, check out the magnum gold website; by the sound of things you can actually insert yourself into the advert! Why The Face?!

    Keep an ear out for a new Casta premiering over the weekend!

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