Project 365 – Back in Action

Well I think it’s about time I brought you up to speed on project 365. As mentioned a while ago I was finding the whole thing too easy and so decided to try and watch the entirety of Lost. Truth be told I actually managed to do this a few weeks ago and so, as well as having a three week holiday in Canada, doing my back in and moving house, I’ve also managed to get myself fully up to date with 24, Breaking Bad, Flashforward, Modern Family, The Office, Parks & Recreation and the Big Bang Theory.

Whilst pummelling all that I did still manage to see some films, but nowhere near as many as previously, at one point I even managed to go twenty four days seeing only a single movie in the middle. In the sixty five days from hiatus start I managed to see twenty eight movies which pales somewhat to the one hundred and twenty one I saw in the sixty three days before it.

Whatever the weather I’m still on track and am feeling refreshed from not having watched quite so many films recently. I’d better get back to business and build up a good lead now so I can make myself do something else stupid before I finish…

Suggestions are always welcome – either leave me a comment here or look to the right for other ways to get in touch.

Enough waffle.

Weeks 10 – 19

122. Crazy Heart
123. The Informant
124. Alice in Wonderland
125. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
126. Green Zone
127. My Neighbour Totoro
128. The Blind Side
129. Shutter Island
130. Hot Tub Time Machine
131. Kick Ass
132. Whip It
133. Repo Men
134. Dear John
135. Crying with Laughter
136. It’s Complicated
137. The Ghost (Writer)
138. Iron Man 2
139. The Joneses
140. Cheaper by the Dozen
141. Julie & Julia
142. The Men Who Stare at Goats
143. Centurion
144. How to Train your Dragon
145. Fanboys
146. The Final Destination
147. The Disappearance of Alice Creed
148. Pandorum
149. The Time Traveller’s Wife

Highlights: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Crying with Laughter, How to train your Dragon
Lowlights: Whip it!, Cheaper by the Dozen, Centurion


One Response to Project 365 – Back in Action

  1. D Jizzle says:

    How can Cheaper by the DOzen be a Low light??

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