Episode 17 – Casta and Commander

Casta and Commander (right click and “save as” for download)

It’s time again for your favourite movie podcast thing – already some days after we recorded it. If it sounds awesome then double props for me this time around as I was drunk whilst editing most of it. BOOM!

Listen in for reviews of Robin Hood, Four Lions and Newsmakers oh and prepare yourself as Casta goes softcore! Sexy!


One Response to Episode 17 – Casta and Commander

  1. I really enjoyed Four Lions. As as being hilarious and brilliantly written, it addressed a sector of modern Britain that isn’t even misunderstood, it’s just not understood at all. I think the majority of Brits have hardly any understanding of Muslim beliefs, myself included, which has lead to fear and paranoia that every man with a turban and beard is carrying ACME dynamite under his cardigan.

    Four Lions shows us that this minority of the Muslim community in the UK, the extremist terrorists are as British as any of us, and that is to say fumbling and clueless. I couldn’t help but be reminded of Dad’s Army. With the hindsight that we won the war, the Nazi’s were made to look even more pathetic by showing that they were defeated by a bunch of well intentioned but bumbling old men, each with problems and insecurities of their own. In Four Lions, the “War against Terror” isn’t over, but by showing suicide bombers in such a ridiculous yet sympathetic light the film deflates the notion that these men are to be feared. It’s an approach that only truly great comedy can pull off and in my opinion, Four Lions succeeds.

    If I had any criticism with the film, it’s that it could have explained more about why they seem to hate the western consumerist world so much, while happily living in it with their wives and children. But that’s a big issue and perhaps too much to go into within the film.

    In conclusion, an equally hilarious and important film, intelligently made.

    P.S. The guy from Fonejacker was superb.

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