The Edinburgh International Film Festival

As mentioned last episode this week is the annual Edinburgh International Film Festival and, as always, Your Favourite Movie Podcast Thing® is a couple of days behind everyone else. As such it was only last night that I decided to peruse the brochure with film times and realised I’d missed out on a few gems already; so today I picked up the phone and booked tickets to eleven movies in the next seven days (for a princely sum that I dare not mention aloud) of which six celebrate their premieres (three UK, two international and the last,  Casta’s very first world premiere!) – the other five all having had premieres at some point in the festival before I see them but not necessarily at the point of writing (one UK, two European and two World).

Stick around then this week as I give micro reviews and first impressions of the films on the days that I see them (seven posts in seven days?! Never!) potentially in some cases before many other people in the world do! Ooh I feel all fancy now!

We’ll both be back in audio format next week a  very special half year catch up.



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