EIFF Day Three – The Good Heart

The Good Heart stars Brian Cox (Jacques) and Paul Dano (Lucas) as a mismatched duo that sound something akin to the pairing in a bad buddy movie. One is a grumpy old man who hates everything and everyone, the other a mild mannered homeless guy who is hopelessly optimistic and caring towards others. A chance meeting throws these two characters and… fun ensues.

I guess now I could jump into a discourse on proceedings but I guess that there’s no real need to. It’s all stuff you seen before to be quite honest it’s all stuff you’ve seen before – what sets this film apart then from other “learning from each other” mismatch films is the tight cast of characters who all have *gasp* believable relationships with each other – whether it’s the nurse who hates Jacques because he’s a massive racist, Jacques’ personal Chinese chef (who stands in odd contrast to the former point) or just the guys who prop up the Oyster Bar; every character in this film feels like someone you maybe once ran into or maybe even know very well (although probably don’t like very much).  This is compounded by the attention to detail, particularly in the bar, which is all the more impressive when you consider it was built from the ground up and filmed (along with the other interiors) in Iceland.

What we have then is a pretty enjoyable viewing experience which happily shifts Brian Cox into centre stage and proves that Paul Dano has enough acting gumption to bear the mantle of lead. I guess my only real issue with the film came from the fact that the ending is so blatantly obvious throughout (anyone who misses the signposts deserves a slap and a wake up call) than when it finally came around, I was a little underwhelmed by it all. Similarly to Skeletons there’s a happy ending attached, and in terms of the story I kind of get why it’s there too – it’s just that when it’s made painfully explicit so early on, you expect it to be a little more satisfying when it comes around

Casta’s very first WORLD EXCLUSIVE SUPERSTAR INTERVIEW! Well kind of… After the film, director Dagur Kari and star Brian Cox stuck around for a brief Q&A. Being the non-chalant carefree kind of guy I am, I stuck my hand proudly in the air when it came time for the audience to pose questions. I, being the ever intelligent chap I am, kind of copped out and asked Brian if he was still as into and as passionate about acting as he was when he first started over fifty years ago. His reply went something along the lines of “yes I still love it, the acting never gets old, it’s the other stuff that gets in the way.” I can’t tell you for sure that’s exactly what he said or even what the mysterious “other stuff” actually is, I was a bit too flabbergasted that he was actually speaking to me and concentrated so much on looking interested that I didn’t actually absorb much of what he said. My interview technique needs work.

One thing that is for sure though, after watching this film, I don’t think I’ll ever look at Broccoli the same again…


2 Responses to EIFF Day Three – The Good Heart

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