Project 365 – Half Year Review

Well well well! It’ been some time since I’ve done one of these (as evidenced by the sheer number of films above) but what better time to catch up than when we’re in the business of catching up?

So the 1st of July was the 182nd day of the year and thus fell exactly half way from start to finish. Like a mid point. Gee, I’m clever today. Enough ramble, time for FACTS and ANALYSIS!

In the first six months of the year I saw two hundred and five films, of which fifty six were at the cinema (accounting for 27.32% of all films watched). A further seven were cinematic releases this year that I caught since being released on DVD which, when added to the fifty six previous means I’ve seen sixty three cinematic releases so far, accounting for 30.73% of all films seen. The total runtime of these films (as gathered from IMDB and Wikipedia) is a mammoth twenty two thousand, five hundred and eighty seven minutes (it looks more impressive in words) which translates to fifteen days, sixteen hours and twenty seven minutes watching movies – of which five thousand, nine hundred and ninety one minutes were spent actually watching movies in the cinema (not accounting for trailers) – that’s four days, three hours and fifty one minutes!

I ♥ data analysis.

The films then!

Weeks 20 – 26

150. Four Lions
151. Ninja Assasin
152. Alien
153. Newsmakers
154. Alien 3
155. Robin Hood
156. Rock’N’Rolla
157. Date night
158. The Godfather
159. Defending your Life
160. Sunshine
161. The Godfather Part II
162. The Godfather Part III
163. A Knight’s Tale
164. Risky Business
165. The Last King of Scotland
166. The Dark Crystal
167. Zodiac
168. 13 going on 30
169. Prince of Perisa: The Sands of Time
170. Braveheart
171. Ray
172. The Killer Inside Me
173. Boogie Nights
174. Changeling
176. Thelma & Louise
177. Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom
178. Death at a Funeral
179. 30 Days of Night
180. The Losers
181. Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade
182. Milk
183. E.T.
184. Not Another Teen Movie
185. The Tooth Fairy
186. Greenberg
187. Superhero Me
188. Skeletons
189. High School
190. The Good Heart
191. The Extra Man
192. Get Low
193. Son of Rambow
194. World’s Greatest Dad
195. Third Star
196. Mean Creek
197. Restrepo
198. Toy Story 3
199. Jackboots on Whitehall
200. Monsters
201. Eagle vs. Shark
202. The Station Agent
203. L’arnacouer
204. Labyrinth
205. Whatever Works


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