Episode 20 – The Castetball Diaries/The Man in the Iron Cast

The Castetball Diaries/ The Man in the Iron Cast (right click and “Save as” for download)

Get ready for a gushfest! The compliments seem to spill forth this in our milestone twentieth episode for our two main reviews, Toy Story 3 and Inception. Also listen in for a review of a classical concert, some talk about potential racism and Castamind’s worst score yet?

We also announce the film we’ll be watching at Casta’s first birthday spectacular in a couple of weeks – but you’ll have to listen in to find out what it is!

You can buy the following films reviewed in this episode from Amazon:

Clash of the Titans: DVD & Blu-ray

Shutter Island: DVD & Blu-ray

The Blind Side: DVD & Blu-ray

I Love You Phillip Morris: DVDBlu-ray


5 Responses to Episode 20 – The Castetball Diaries/The Man in the Iron Cast

  1. Another excellent Casta, one of the best yet. Congrats on getting to episode 20!

    Okay, Toy Story 3. Superb. Agree with everything you said, except it being Pixar’s finest. Loved Ken, he was hilarious. Mr. Tortilla Head, hilarious. Spanish Buzz’s dancing, hilarious.
    I saw it in 3D and at first, just like UP, it was lovely, seeing the depth of the sets Pixar virtually create. But my opinion is that about half way through the film, so after say 45 mins, I get used to it. I don’t even notice it anymore. I actually took my glasses off a couple of times to try and ‘reset’ my eyes. And as a glasses wearer once again I had a headache at the end of the film. I think this will be the last film I choose to see in 3D instead of the regular 2D version.

    Inception. Stunning, in every way. It has been a long time where my brain has been tested as much as this when seeing a film in a mainstream cinema. And “the corridor scene” blew me away. I could not get my head around how they made it. Also, Joseph Gordon Levitt is fast becoming one of my new favourite actors.
    And that final shot? Manipulatively brilliant.

    I’m excited for the Casta Birthday party and I will be there with a plenty of party rings for everyone.

    Finally, and most importantly, Castamind. I feel that a good quiz is one where all participants feel that they should have a good chance of doing well. In this case, that includes the listeners. Recently, with the pair of you purposely being as tricky as hell, it’s been predictable that you won’t do well and I, as a listener, don’t stand much chance at doing any better. As amusing as it is to hear you piss each other off, it does not make a very satisfying quiz. Next time, lighten up and don’t engineer the whole endeavor so it is doomed to failure.
    That said, Wakeman did awfully this episode regardless, and really should have got the ‘grade school’ answer. For shame.

  2. castalavista says:

    You are right on all counts Castwell; I should’ve got that right and showed my lack of revision. But also on the satisfaction side of things you are totally accurate, it has become ludicrously impossible due to cunning and trickery.

    For the next Castamind I as the quizmaster make a solemn promise to ask ‘answerable’ questions. I have already written them too.

    I would point out however that we do encourage our listeners to submit questions for each quiz and so perhaps the increased out of handness could have been softened by some suggestions from other listeners.

    Let us know if the next set of Q’s are more accessible (I’m hopeful that they will be whilst at the same time stumping C.Mad)

    See you at the party!

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