Episode 21 – The Cast King of Scotland

The Cast King of Scotland (right click and “save as” for download)

Casta year two begins with a bang with the newest release of Your Favourite Movie Podcast Thing® – listen in for the low down on Casta’s first birthday party along with reviews of Knight and Day, The A Team and Gainsbourg as well as the usual shenanigans with the emails, DVD reviews and Castamind.

DVDs reviewed:
Centurion: DVD &  Blu-ray
The Joneses: DVD
Dear John: DVD & Blu-ray
Repo Men: DVD & Blu-ray


8 Responses to Episode 21 – The Cast King of Scotland

  1. Another excellent episode, congrats again on one year of comparing films to Die Hard.

    RE: Castamind

    Very well done, the questions were accessible yet required some knowledge of facts outside of the narrative of the film. I didn’t get the Steve Martin question, though I thought I should have being a fan of the silver haired genius, I guessed LA Story then thought that maybe Martin himself directed that. I got the Baldwin brothers one but not the bonus question and I guessed at 18 noms for Meryl Streep, so got the point.
    So, well done Chris W, I felt like I could partake in the quiz instead of awaiting Chris’ failure.
    I very much look forward to next episode’s Batman questions, and in good faith I shall do a little research myself and propose a question for Chris M to test you with.


    • castalavista says:

      Ceedub is going to be very pleased with this comment – he wrote those questions for you Adam, not for me!

      Questions ahoy!

  2. castalavista says:

    HUGE SMILEY FACE! Thanks Adam!

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