Where the Hell are we? AGAIN?!

So you may have noticed that there’s no new episode of Casta this week. “Whyever not?” you cry, well stop crying stupid; I’ll tell you! Chris of the Wakeman variety has just moved house and for the time being has no internet. Poor sod. He should be up and running by next week though so expect a bumper episode of Casta to get you up to date on all the stuff we’ve missed.

In the meantime keep an eye on the site for lots of updates from both of us on other things we won’t be covering in the show including; a new bluffer’s guide to Casta, a new regular article from brother Wakeman on his Cinefriends venture, a long overdue update on Project 365 as well as a very special interview with an actual real director. Yowser!

Thanks as always for sticking with us, we appreciate your continued support (and donations *wink*)

Oh and if the above picture looks familiar, just bear in mind that it was a fantastic piece of art by good friend of the show  Mr Stephen Hitchen and I want to get our money’s worth out of it



One Response to Where the Hell are we? AGAIN?!

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