Five more movies the critics got completely wrong…

I enjoyed taking apart the critics’ views so much last time that I figured I’d do the same again; so here are five more films that don’t quite have the reputation they deserve and you should consider checking out.

1.Push (2009)
Starring: Chris Evans
Tomatometer rating: 23%

Of the many films I’ve seen this year, this is by far one of the ones that I enjoyed the most and is the film that solidified for me that telekinesis is the only super power you’d ever really need. Set in Hong Kong and concerning a secret government agency hunting down people with various types of super human powers, Push is stylish and well shot with plenty of good action and above par special effects.

Chris Evans (fast becoming one of my favourite “new faces” in Hollywood) is on his usual form here and leads the cast well in what serves as an interesting introduction to a wider universe which, due to poor box office performance, will likely never be fully explored – although I did hear rumours of a TV series being made as way of a follow up. If it ever airs I’m going to be sure to watch it.

DVD – £4.47

2. Walking Tall (2004)

Starring: Dwayne Johnson The Rock
Tomatometer rating: 25%

Weighing in at a colossal seventy seven minutes, Walking Tall is probably one of the most non-committal films you’re ever going to see; you could honestly turn it on five minutes before the end and still understand pretty much everything that’s going on.

The Rock is a guy who is mad at another guy because the other guy has made his hometown a bit of a scum pit. Rather than write an angry letter, the Rock takes a more pragmatic approach; making himself the town’s sheriff before going round and either punching people in the face or thumping them with a big piece of wood. That’s my kind of law enforcement!

There’s plenty of flexing and pouting on show here but as mentioned before the Rock is just so bloody charismatic and interesting to watch that you kind of don’t care that what you’re watching amounts to little more than a couple of back to back episodes of a rubbish TV show that would only air at about three in the morning. Brilliant.

DVD – £3.87

3. Underworld: Evolution (2006)

Starring: Kate Beckinsale
Tomatometer rating: 15%

I can’t really remember what it was that made me watch this earlier in the year but I’m sure glad I did. Underworld Evolution is easily one of the best rubbish action movies of the last decade.

Kate Beckinsale is obviously terrible and has one of the worst genuine English accents I’ve ever heard. Then again on the few occasions where she isn’t strutting around in tight leather suits shooting stuff, she’s got all her kit off. Who needs talent?

Having derided it quite enough, there is something quite charming about this film and the universe it exists within. All the vampire history can get a little tiresome in places, but the moment you start to feel yourself nodding off someone gets their face chopped off and somehow this makes it all better.

There’s plenty of over the top fighting action going on between vampires, werewolves and crosses of the two, and this film serves as a nice reminder that prior to all the tween stuff around at the moment, Vampires liked nothing more than dressing stupid, biting stuff and living in big fuck off castles.

And good news! They’re making a fourth one! Hooray!

DVD – £3.97

4. Man on Fire (2004)
Starring: Denzel Washington
Tomatometer rating: 38%

It’s no secret that here at Casta La Vista we’re big fans of both Denzel Washington and Tony Scott, and that we’re usually giddy with excitement when the two do something together (which is seemingly all the time to be quite honest) – in my opinion Man on Fire signifies the best of their work together and possibly some of their best work individually too.

Denzel plays Creasy, a retired CIA agent who is tasked with protecting the daughter of a wealthy Mexican businessman; sounds simple enough but notorious bad guys of some sort are intent on kidnapping her – oh and did I mention that Creasy is a suicidal alcoholic? Possibly not the best person to charge with minding your child in my opinion…

As much as Scott is on his usual directorial form, the real thing that makes this film stand out to me is the very real relationship that develops between Creasy and protectee Lupita (played by Dakota Fanning) throughout the course of events. If you don’t have a lump in your throat by the end of this film, you probably don’t have a heart.

DVD – £2.99

5. Eraser (1996)
Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Tomatometer rating: 34%

Well obviously there’s another Arnie film in here! Eraser stands out to me as one of Arnie’s last “true” action movies and is fun, fast paced and explosive enough without all the pretense that we’ve somehow come to expect from movies of its ilk nowadays.

Arnie is a US Marshall who needs to protect some woman from some bad guys so they don’t get some big guns which Arnie ends up using on the bad guys themselves. Who cares about the plot line really though? Stuff explodes, dialogue is forced and everyone has a great time.

It also features one of the most cringeworthy one liners you’re ever likely to hear in an action movie after Arnie slays a crocodile. Pure cheesy brilliance.

DVD £3.97

And there you have it – five more amazing films for you to get your teeth into. Are there any of the above you strongly agree or disagree with? Or any other movies you’d like to shout up about? Use the comments below!


4 Responses to Five more movies the critics got completely wrong…

  1. Dan says:

    Those are some rather cheap DVD’s!

    Still no Hudson Hawk?

    • castalavista says:

      It’s on the list and I’m sure it’ll feature there soon! I’m going to watch the Last Boy Scout this week too (hopefully)/

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