Project 365: Weeks 27 – 34

Well obviously I dropped the ball on this one didn’t I? Not actually on watching the movies, but keeping you informed about them. From now on I’ll try to update more regularly but no promises! I’m still on target albeit with a smaller buffer than before but I’m feeling confident that I’ll still be able to get through 365 by December 31st.

Okay so here are the sixty films I’ve watched in the eight weeks mentioned above:

206. Get him to the Greek
207. Twilight
208. New Moon
209. Eclipse
210. Capote
211. Youth in Revolt
212. Cop Out
213. Shrek Forever After
214. Predators
215. The Pianist
216. Go
217. The Breakfast Club
218. Titanic
219. Alien Resurrection
220. It
221. Inception
222. A Few Good Men
223. Singin’ in the Rain
224. Duck Soup
225. Raw Deal
226. FIT
227. Dirty Harry
228. Splice
229. Synecdoche, New York
230. I Love You Phillip Morris
231. The Bounty Hunter
232. The A Team
233. Gainsbourg (Vie héroïque)
234. The Karate Kid (2010)
235. Commando
236. Resevoir Dogs
237. The Happening
238. Predator
239. Lars and the Real Girl
240. She’s out of My League
241. Collteral Damage
242. The Rebound
243. Conan the Barbarian
244. Predator 2
245. Knight and Day
246. Night at the Museum
247. Magnum Force
248. The Enforcer
249. Evil Dead
250. 3:10 to Yuma
251. Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events
252. The Sorceror’s Apprecntice
253. Mad Max
254. Midnight Meat Train
255. Evil Dead II
256. Salt
257. The Expendables
258. Sudden Impact
259. Rambo III
260. Night at the Museum 2
261. The Dead Pool
262. Full Metal Jacket
263. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
264. Gattaca
265. Mulholland Drive

Highlights: Singin’ in the Rain, Dirty Harry, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Lowlights: Get Him to the Greek, Duck Soup, The Happening


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