The Casting Couch – Nick Whitfield

The Casting Couch Director Interview with Nick Whitfield (right click and “Save as” for download)

Hello friends; as I’m sure you all know, Chris of the Wakeman is currently without internet, but that doesn’t mean no new audio Casta content for you, oh no! Chris recently had a sit down interview with Nick Whitfield, the director of British film Skeletons – which I reviewed at the EIFF here.

I urge you all again to track this film down on its official website (which is .com, not as I mistankenly stated in the audio above. I’m fired)

Special thanks go out to Derby Quad who originally organised the interview and let us steal it appropriate it. Cheers guys!


3 Responses to The Casting Couch – Nick Whitfield

  1. Dinner was served at 10:40.

    I’d really like to more of this kind of thing as I really enjoyed it. Excellent questions from Chris W. For Casta’s first interview with someone working in the industry I’d say this went really well despite any record-button pressing errors. I’m fully intrigued by the film and will keep an eye out for it on DVD. Sadly it seems to have passed by Manchester’s cinemas already.

    One thing though, perhaps a brief recap of the premise of the film, or a short blurb would have been handy in the intro for anyone who hasn’t heard of it or read the review.

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