Episode 22 – Get Casta

Get Casta (right click and “save as” for download)

It’s a good job were both so brilliant, otherwise this episode might never have seen the light of day – both presenters are now officially banned from moving house. Forever.

This long supposed return to regular audio form features the usual mish mash of news, reviews and silly sound effects. Cinematic offerings reviewed this episode: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, The Expendables, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and The Human Centipede. We’ll be back next week with a short show with a couple more reviews we wanted to shout up about.

Plus hey guess what? Because I’m incredibly anal, the length of this episode is exactly one hour. To the microsecond. Take that… er… someone!


5 Responses to Episode 22 – Get Casta

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Chris Madden, Casta La Vista. Casta La Vista said: Episode 22 – Get Casta with reviews of #ScottPilgrim, #TheExpendables, #TheSorcerersApprentice & #TheHumanCentipede http://wp.me/pzYac-dm […]

  2. Dan says:

    You’re both spot on with your Expendable review. It takes far too long to get going and when it does it’s a little too confusing to follow what the hell is going on. P)lus despite it’s stellar cast, I felt like there just weren’t enough action stars in it for some reason. Perhaps because the Bruce and Arnie scene was so blatantly short. I enjoyed it, don’t get me wrong. But I felt it could have been so much more

    As for Sorcerer’s Apprentice – I went in with really low expectations and left with a big smile on my face. I even wrote about it over on yet another blog I’m involved in (http://the-coa.com/2010/09/my-blind-spot/). Although the actors I like, you didn’t 🙂 I quite liked the love interest woman, but that could be because I quite liked the love interest woman if you know what I mean.

    I’d watch a second Sorcerer’s Apprentice, but judging by how well it did in the box office I doubt there will be. You never know though.

    • castalavista says:

      I’m always a fan of love interest women 😉 she just felt a bit… superfluous. I agree though that I’d certainly watch another, I also doubt it will happen though…

      What other family adventure films would you recommend? It seems to be a growing “tyoe” of film (although Spielberg has been doing it for twenty five years or so) – but realistically can films be made that appeal to all age levels? (apart from by Pixar obviously…)

      Where do you find the time to write on all these blogs?! Do your kids even eat?!


  3. […] to disappoint here at Casta La Vista and so it gives us great pleasure to fulfil our promise from last week and give you a catch up of five movies we probably wouldn’t have got round to reviewing […]

  4. […] for my bottom three of 2010 in the recent Castastrophies. The fact that it wasn’t (and my previous thoughts on the matter) should go some way to speak of their quality in being worse than […]

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