Episode 23 – A Castful of Dollars

A Castful of Dollars (right click and “save as” for download)

Hola Gringos! It’s time for your favourite part of the fortnight… New Casta!

This episode we have reviews of the Other Guys, Cyrus and Tamara Drewe as well as the usual fun with the news, DVD reviews, Castamind and all that other junk.


For those who want to play along; here are the other ten questions from Castamind. Don’t forget to email your answers to mail@castalavista.com, the person with the most right answers will win an actual prize. No cheating please and the competition closes 22:00 BST on Sunday the 3rd of October.

1. Early in Dirty Harry leading up to the first occurrence of the now imortal words “Do I feel lucky? Well do ya, punk?” he says: I know what you’re thinking: “Did he fire six shots, or only five?” Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I’ve kinda lost track myself.

So… did he fire six shots or five?

2. What gun did Callahan use?

3.  In Sudden Impact whilst confronting the suspect during the hold up at the diner Callahan comes out with another classic phrase:   What is it?

4. Albert Popwell played the wounded bank robber in Dirty Harry.  He also appeared in Magnum Force, The Enforcer and Suden Impact: Can you name / describe any of the characters in the subsequent appearances?

5. What make / model of car does Callahan drive in Dirty Harry?

6. What is Callahan’s badge number?

7. What generally happens to Callahans partners?

8. What happened to his wife?

9. How much did Callahan say his jeans cost in Dirty Harry?

10. Which film is not primarily set in San Francisco?  –  Where is it set?


4 Responses to Episode 23 – A Castful of Dollars

  1. rtm says:

    Um, don’t mean to be weird but I could listen to you two read the phone book all day long 😀 Btw, I got to your blog from Castor’s Anomalous Material. Great movie pitch, Chris!

    • castalavista says:

      Why’s that weird? We’ve both got great northern accents!

      Hope to catch you back for the next episode 😀

      • rtm says:

        Oh so that’s what Northern accent sounds like, I guess I’m not well-versed on the variety of British accents. I definitely like that better than Minnesota’s Northern accent 😀

  2. […] Drewe, a  British film which I found ultimately disappointing and that Chris and I talked about here [about 30 minutes in]. Seeing as both films are unashamedly British I was worried that Made In […]

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