Episode 24 – Cast Boot


Cast Boot (right click and “save as” for download)

Unbelievable! We’ve actually stuck to schedule for about two months now! Get ready for your regular dose of Casta antics with reviews of The Town, Buried, Devil and a special shout out to Back to the Future. HELLO! MCFLY! ANYBODY IN THERE?!

Listen in for those but stick around for Castamind, a new inductee in the Casta club, ponderings as to the origins of denim and the announcement of the winner of our very first competition!


5 Responses to Episode 24 – Cast Boot

  1. Christy says:

    Well done Dim! x

  2. […] this past week and both had things to say on it. The current episode was already too packed full of goodies to fit in any audio response, so here instead is a smattering of words from the pair (in turns) on […]

  3. […] referenced in the last episode I am firmly of the opinion that Back to the Future II is one of the most complicated films ever […]

  4. […] one of our biggest steps in terms of sound quality for quite some time on this episode (although more recent episodes may render this point moot). This was achieved in two ways; we changed the way we record the […]

  5. […] about it. Cast your mind back and you may well remember that Chris and I went nuts for this back in Episode 24 – Cast Boot and for jolly good reason. Twenty five years on and it’s still every bit as funny, clever and […]

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