Post 100 – Another CASTA Milestone!

Looking good!

Friends, Family and Enemies, welcome back to Casta La Vista, your favourite movie podcast thing!

The celebrations seem to be coming thick and fast recently, and nearly three months after celebrating our first birthday, we’re now celebrating this; our hundredth piece of Casta content – as such Chris and I thought this might be a good idea to look back over the highs of the previous hundred. Although picking favourites out of a hundred pieces of content is somewhat as difficult as picking a favourite kind of pizza or stand out Pixar movie, the following are those posts that really stand out to us personally as either things we really enjoyed or are particularly proud of; after all Casta has been a learning curve for both of us and for every victory there’s been a pitfall or two – needless to say though, we’ve come a long way since our very first posts and hope that you’ll be sticking round for many more to come.

The following then represent what we consider to be Casta’s best bits; if you’re new round here or have never had the chance to have a proper look around, you could do a lot worse than checking out the following. Chris W will go first and, as always, his thoughts will be in green, whilst mine will be in this sexy blue.

Tag Team Reviews

The first of my favourite things about Casta is when Chris M and I decide to write a tag team review. I don’t remember exactly why we decided to try this format (something tells me the Princess and the Frog was the first) but I think it works really well. Whilst I would always say that the audio reviews on the show are our bread and butter, there are times when I leave a recording thinking I had more to say, or that I forgot to make a particular point about a movie. The tag team review is a great way for me to collect my thoughts and put them out into the ether, whilst writing under stricter word limits than on our regular solo reviews PLUS (and this is the main thing really) like the episodes it still allows both of us to put our perspectives of a film out there – which is really what Casta is all about!

The Castastrophies

I look back now and we’ve got just over twenty four hours of audio content on the site and it really is difficult to pick just one that stands out above all the others. For me though, the one I’ve relistened to most and come back to time and again is The Castastrophies – our very own award ceremony with its own snazzy little fanfare!

First and foremost this acted as a chance for us to voice our opinions on the highs and lows of 2009, but more than that it gave us the opportunity to reflect on what we’d achieved in the five months previous. I don’t know if this is blatantly obvious or not but it won’t hurt to say it; I bloody love Casta and am really proud of the sheer amount of creativity and dedication it  has spurned in both Brother Wakeman and myself, and this one post probably does well in summarising all that work and spitting it out in a nice forty minute package.

I absolutely cannot wait for the 2010 ceremony, which will be winging its way to you on Christmas day. Make sure you stick that in your diaries!

Episode 20

I’ve been asked to pick my favourite episode of Casta La Vista for this list and if I had to commit to one I think it would have to be Episode 20 – The Castetball Diaries/ The Man in the Iron Cast for a whole host of reasons. Firstly I really enjoy the energy of this episode and think Chris and I are at our most relaxed; secondly the two films we review are absolute classics in Inception and Toy Story 3 and that helps because I think we sound excited to review them. Finally on a personal level I think we took one of our biggest steps in terms of sound quality for quite some time on this episode (although more recent episodes may render this point moot). This was achieved in two ways; we changed the way we record the episodes in the first place, and I put a sock over the end of my microphone! Hardly a moment of epiphany on my part, I did this at the recommendation of Mark the producer from my other Podcast and it made a MAHOOSIVE difference. Brillsies!

Transformers 2 vs. G.I. Joe

You know, I’m not even really sure how this started, other than the fact that there was a mutual distaste for each other’s favourite rubbish entertaino destruction actionfest last year. What started out as a couple of off handed comments soon escalated into an all out verbal punch out with Christopher of the Wakeman’s in the green corner defending Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, whilst I championed G.I Joe: the Rise of Cobra in the blue corner. Knowing we’d never come to an agreement we deferred to you, the audience, which resulted in Casta La Vista’s first poll. GI Joe eventually came out on top but only by the narrowest of margins, there was literally one vote in it.

It wasn’t the victory that really made this stand out to me though; it was the dialogue it facilitated and the involvement it spurred. I said at the time that the contest served as a perfect representation of why we started Casta and I still stand by that, but what made this massively memorable was the participation and passion you all displayed. We’ve always said we’re at our best when all of you are involved, and I think this proved it – so thanks to you on this one.

Now do the same with our latest poll!

The Castaways

Chris M will shout at me for listing these as a personal highlight of Casta because it was the point at which I was let off my leash as he went away on holiday. I enjoyed the Castaways because for 3 weeks I was left to fly the good ship Casta and I didn’t take that responsibility lightly as I felt a lot of pressure to make sure what I put out was up to our regular standard. The two episodes I recorded (there was a 3rd but it was lost to ‘technical difficulties’- sorry Tim!) were a lot of fun as I got to record with my brother Greg and the 3rd man of Casta [if there ever was one] Daniel Jones. When I listen back to these mini-episodes I enjoy them more as an excuse to hear me hanging out with my two closest friends that aren’t Brother Madden than I do for their movie content. In fact, I couldn’t tell you what films we actually talk about! They were great fun though, and hopefully in keeping with the Casta-ethos.

The Edinburgh International Film Festival

I’m fortunate to live in one of the greatest cities in the world and even more fortunate to have been around during this year’s film festival. It was a mammoth experience for me; as usual I left the planning until after the last minute and tried to cram as many films in one week as work commitments would allow – resulting in me seeing eleven films at the movies in just seven days. Quite aside from the sheer quality of the films on show and the fact that I got to see a number of them as premieres (some of which still haven’t seen a full cinematic release), the thing that really makes the Film Festival stand out to me was the fact that I actually managed to stay true to my word and provide write ups of all the movies I saw in a timely manner; which along with working and actually seeing the damn things was no mean feat. Roll on EIFF 2011!

Casta’s 1st birthday

My last Casta-classic is my absolute favourite thing we have done during our time running the website. It simply has to be; Casta La Vista’s 1st birthday party! What a day it was too. Ok, we might not have seen the greatest film in the world but in some ways Knight and Day was the perfect accompaniment to the celebrations of that Saturday afternoon in August- a fun, fast and slap dash feature with plenty of jokes and explosions and two super sexy stars holding it all together; sound like a podcast you listen to? It was so great to see so many listeners show up from all over the country and to catch up with some old friends too. I love listening to the highlights package on episode 21 to remind myself just how much we got up to in the space of one day. Check out the photos on Facebook here. Here’s hoping our 2nd birthday is even better.

So there you have it beautiful listener/reader/Casta, our choice cuts of Casta La Vista from our first 100 Posts. Wow, that puts it into some perspective. Do you think there are any bits that we have forgotten about that you particularly like? Is there anything that you dislike on the site so much that you just have to get it off your chest? Put it all down in the comments section below, that’s what it’s there for.

Thanks to all of you for checking us out, and especially to those of you who have experienced every single post we have done. For those of you who have recently found us maybe this is a good article to sift through and get a taste of what we are all about. Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell your parents, tell your bosses; we are Casta La Vista and we would like to formally say to you all….How Do!!!!


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