Project 365: Weeks 35-40

So here we are chums, in this our week of celebrations, there’s yet another thing for us to be excited about – I’m up to three hundred! Take a minute and think about that – let it sink in… THREE HUNDRED MOVIES SO FAR! Only sixty five to go! Surely I’m on to a winner! Woohoo!

I watched thirty five films in the six weeks since the last update, eighteen of which were at the cinema! Go statistics!

So the thirty five then;

266. The Girl who Played with Fire
267. The Italian Job
268. Flags of our Fathers
269. Samurai Fiction
270. Michael Clayton
271. The Human Centipede
272. So I married an Axe Murderer
273. The Illusionist
274. The Switch
275. Grown Ups
276. Dinner for Schmucks
277. Going the Distance
278. The Visitor
279. Swingers
280. Cyrus
281. Tamara Drewe
282. The Other Guys
283. Devil
284. The Town
285. Winter’s Bone
286. The Hole
287. Almost Famous
288. Bronson
289. Buried
290. Carrie
291. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
292. Back to the Future
293. El Topo
294. Fast Times at Ridgemont High
295. Goodfellas
296. Hard Candy
297. Enthiran: the Robot
298. In the City of Sylvia
299. Junebug
300. A Town Called Panic

Highlights: The Illusionist, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Back to the Future, A Town Called Panic
Lowlights: The Human Centipede, The Other Guys, Bronson, El Topo

Surely I’m on the home straight now!


3 Responses to Project 365: Weeks 35-40

  1. castalavista says:

    Does Back To The Future count? Surely it was films you were seeing for the FIRST time or were having a refresher on?

    • castalavista says:

      I can’t believe YOU are calling me out on here – I thought about this and being as I saw it in a manner I had never seen it in before I could count it (much like Toy Story 2 3D earlier in the year). I’m sure I’ll be seeing more than 365 to cancel those two out though if everyone agrees that its cheating by counting them…

      • castalavista says:

        I am still holding on to the idea that you’ll hit 365 and just stop- I think that would be brilliant. Anyone else think that’s what Chris should do?

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