Episode 29 – Casta Wonderful Life

…on the 1st day of Castmas the Chrazzas gave to me…


Casta Wonderful Life (right click and “save as” for download)

It’s that time of year again folks! Casta La Vista’s Christmas episode is finally here and this year it brings with it a trail of extra goodies and treats…

Casta Wonderful Life is the first part of Casta La Vista’s 12 Days of Castmas (flip me that’s a lot of ‘Casts’ for one sentence!) which is our attempt at ushering in the festive season the only way we know how – by inundating you with crap you probably don’t want!

Whether you listen/read it all (which we hope you do) or unwrap it and then put in under your bed for you to forget about until summer, all that matters is that you join us on the site every day until Christmas Day- which we’ll of course be celebrating with our annual Castastrophies awards ceremony- for fun, frolicks and fu—dge. Winky face!

As for Casta Wonderful Life, listen in for our regular mangle of news, reviews and fun-things-to-do as we discuss Narnia 3,  Rare Exports and a DOUBLE subjected in the form of Chico & Rita and THE WORST FILM EITHER OF US HAS EVER BEEN SUBJECTED TO. Plus Chris M gives his best shot at an Arnold Schwarzenneger Castamind, you’ll have to listen in to see how he does…

Until tomorrow…


5 Responses to Episode 29 – Casta Wonderful Life

  1. Lee says:

    The giant robot thing in the Thor trailer is a character from the comic book that was created in the 60s so it looks like they’re using some classic elements in the movie. The trailer looks to be quite representative of the comic book so I’m quite excited now after the let down that was Iron Man 2.

    • wakeman24 says:

      Am I blind or was I just not paying attention when I watched the trailer? What robot? I’m going to rewatch it.

      I’m excited for Thor too- my feeling is that it will be more like the Eric Bana/Ang Lee version of the Hulk in terms of trying something alternative as far as adapting comics goes. I just hope it does it whilst being entertaining at the same time. Can’t help but feel that it will be though, Natalie Portman rarely signs up for bad movies (cue an onslaught of bad movies that Portman has been in)

      • wakeman24 says:

        That is a HUGE robot- damn I should pay more attention!

      • Lee says:

        I think you guys may have referred to him as Gort 🙂

        I actually don’t know what I’m expecting for Thor, I’m not sure I would align this up with Hulk as I’m hoping it to be a more rounded film like Incredible Hulk and hopefully Iron Man 1.

        The comic is interesting as I never used to understand how the character worked, he was just a weird character amongst all these superheroes but after reading it now for a bit I totally get where this could go.

        Also you’re right the cast appear to be good, the director likewise – fingers crossed 🙂

        Oh and the character is called Destroyer.

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