The Castastrophies 2010

…on the 12th day of Castmas the Chrazzas gave to me…

The Castastrophies 2010 (right click and “save as” for download)

We made it folks! We don’t know what to celebrate first; the end of another year of cinema, or the end of the 12 Days of Castmas…

…Merry Christmas by the way…

We hope you’re having an excellent day with family/friends/loved-ones/pets-as-replacements-for-human-interaction on this wonderful day-of-days.

If you are with company, why not sit everyone down and load up this latest offering from Casta La Vista as we present to you our very own awards episode…The Castastrophies! Yes its that time of year again when we have cause to reflect on all the movies that have been and gone this year and hand out our own accolades for those that we feel are most worth a mention.

All the same categories from last year are present and correct, plus a few new ones for good measure.

If you agree or disagree with any of our recipients, or you have any awards of your own that you’d like to dish out then tell us about them in the comments section below OR email them to us at You could post thoughts on our Facebook page too or tweet them to us, or even send us a both a postcard… its entirely up to you.

We’re going to take a little break now until the New Year but thanks for listening and checking out the site as always, we hope you enjoy the content and have enjoyed our 12 Days of Castmas (we certainly have); we’ll speak to you all again very soon.


P.S. Happy New Year

P.P.S The first movie poster Chris M talks about is this one and the second is this one. Chris W’s poster business can be found here. The trailer Chris M references for this year is this one and for the movie released next year it’s this one – the trailer Chris W gives his award for is here.


4 Responses to The Castastrophies 2010

  1. wakeman24 says:

    I would like to point out that one of my Castastrophies is redundant. My Castastrophy for “Film I wish I’d seen of the Year” that I give to I’m Still Here no longer counts as I saw it in December! D’oh!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Christopher Wakeman, Casta La Vista. Casta La Vista said: The Castastrophies 2010: […]

  3. […] the dialogue atrocious and it was a very near contender for my bottom three of 2010 in the recent Castastrophies. The fact that it wasn’t (and my previous thoughts on the matter) should go some way to speak of […]

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