Casta La Vista vote-a-thon 2010 – The Human Centipede

The polls are closed, the votes have been counted and recounted (twice) and we have a definitive result. When the world at large was asked the difficult and complicated question; “The Human Centipede?” they responded NAY!

Well sixty percent of them did anyway. The Human Centipede proved itself to be one of the most divisive topics in cinemaland 2010 and that division carried right through from Casta La Vista towers to the poll itself. Let’s hear what our two intrepid hosts have to say on the matter:

As always, Chris W in green, Chris M in blue:

I’ll win one of these votes eventually…I simply have to!

First off many thanks to everyone who voted either way on our poll, but particular thanks to those of you who voted with me on the side of “Human Centipede as entertaining movie”.

Having seen the film a number of times now I still maintain that The Human Centipede is an incredibly on-purpose movie that wears its limitations like a badge of honour and took full advantage of the hype and hysteria surrounding it’s subject matter to produce one of the must see movies of 2010.

Once you get past the hammy acting, predictable narrative devices and laugh out loud dialogue The Human Centipede delivers enough tension and comment on the human condition to earn its unofficial title of Horror Film of the Year…at least in my opinion.

When all is said and done it’s miles better than Saw 3D.

As undoubtedly great as it is to have a perfect two for two in the Casta La Vista poll stakes, the real victory here belongs to Tom Six and the Human Centipede itself. Love it or hate it, it’s hard to deny that, at least in its notoriety, the Human Centipede was one of the most talked about movies of 2010.

I’m still pleased though that the vote went in my favour though because even ignoring all the hype and nonsense surrounding it, I really didn’t enjoy the Human Centipede as a movie experience. The acting was awful, the premise preposterous, the dialogue atrocious and it was a very near contender for my bottom three of 2010 in the recent Castastrophies. The fact that it wasn’t (and my previous thoughts on the matter) should go some way to speak of their quality in being worse than this.

My only hope is that the rumours of a sequel and Tom Six’s plans for it (twelve person centipede…? WHY?!) fall through so I can concentrate on more serious, worthy movies.

Now to hunt down that copy of Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus…


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