The Casting Couch – Gareth Unwin

The Casting Couch – Gareth Unwin (right click and “save as” for download)

Welcome to another episode of The Casting Couch, Casta La Vista’s every-so-often journey into the world of film where we get to sit down with those in the know and have a wee chin-wag!

This episode features an interview with Gareth Unwin, Head of Feature Film development at Bedlam Productions. Gareth has worked in film for over 15 years and last year produced the little seen UK gem Exam.

This year Gareth has produced another feature, although this time the film comes with a little bit more buzz; his new film The King’s Speech is released on Friday Jan 7th and is already being tipped for awards glory this year.

Casta La Vista sat down with Gareth as he and Bafta toured The King’s Speech around the UK last December to talk about how the film came together, dealing with hype, and what the future holds for Bedlam Productions.

Thanks go to Bafta, Nottingham Broadway, Bedlam Productions and of course Gareth himself for the opportunity, we hope you enjoy the finished product!

Look out for our next full episode of Casta La Vista coming very soon for the Chris’s thoughts on The Kings Speech.


One Response to The Casting Couch – Gareth Unwin

  1. […] far this year, it’s probably my favourite (although it’s a close call between this and The King’s Speech which I’m still swooning over a little). Disney’s reimagining of Rapunzel is a bigger […]

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