Howdy Cowboys (and Cowgirls)! Chris and I are somewhat proud of our form of late, having brought you regular episodes since at least September, but you know what? We’re still not satisfied! Whilst the episodes are certainly the bread and butter of Casta La Vista, the delicious meat filling in our sandwich is the written content on the site – needless to say that sandwich has often been left somewhat lacking in the filling department.

WELL NO MORE! From now on (for as long as it takes for it us to not do it anymore) Casta La Vista proudly presents “WTF!”

WTF does “WTF!” mean?!? Why Wednesday, Thursday, Friday of course! From now on in the alternate week to our bi-weekly episode we’ll give you three pieces of written content in a row, one Wednesday, one Thursday and one… you get the idea. This will in no way affect our episode schedule and if you’re more than a little lucky you may well get some extra written content thrown in for good measure 😉

So for now, enjoy your Wednesday and be sure to come back tomorrow (and Friday) for more Casta La Vista written goodness. Oh and be sure to swing around again for a new episode next Tuesday!


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