CASTA SPECIAL! A forum on TV Recaps

A forum on TV Recaps (right click and “save as” for download)

Hello Casta fans…whaddup?

Welcome to a Casta La Vista special; an opportunity to listen in to one man trying to control a gaggle of opinions through a Skype conference call.

The above audio is a recording of a forum we recorded last month on the topic of TV recaps – the bit at the beginning of a TV show where Jack Bauer/Jack’s Dad/McDreamy/Starbuck tells you what happened in the previous episodes (but you knew that already).

The recording is research towards Chris W’s Dissertation for his MA at Nottingham and is seen as an opportunity to get as many different thoughts on TV recaps as possible for use in an audience response chapter of his Dissertation.

Whilst the participants involved were more than helpful and gave plenty of useful soundbites and opinions, we thought it might be worth putting the recording up on the site and seeing what you, our most sexy and illuminative fan-base, had to say on the very same issue.

Please feel free to listen to the above audio at your leisure (although don’t feel the need to listen to it all- it is 50 minutes long and a bit ‘subject-heavy’ at times) and offer up your own views on the subject of TV recaps in the comments section below, or by emailing us at

How do you watch TV in general: Online? on DVD? week-by-week? in marathons?

Do you find recaps useful or do they spoil the show for you?

What works in a recap and what doesn’t?

Does a recap tell you anything about the style of show you are watching?

Answers to these questions and the myriad of other aspects put forward in the audio would be most appreciated. The aim is to get as many differing opinions as possible and hopefully get as lively a conversation going in the comments section below as was had on the conference call.

Special thanks to Chris M, Dan Hughes, Dan Jones, Richard Foster, Rikesh Patel, Greg Wakeman and First Lady of Casta Katie Dimaline for all their help with the recording, and to you the listener/reader for your thoughts too.



4 Responses to CASTA SPECIAL! A forum on TV Recaps

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  2. Keith JEFFREY says:

    only time I really come across recaps is at the beginning of long running serials like Mad men or the Wire. Which means I’m not watching them in real time as I tend to watch them in bursts, 3/4 episodes at a time. They help me work out if I’ve got the episodes in the right order or not, if a story line pops up in the recap which I don’t recognise I fiddle with the dvd player to find the right one. I dont find them helpful in re-establishing the storyline as I havent waited a week or longer since the last episode.

  3. Katie says:

    that’s an interesting way to use them, they can be massive spoilers too so I think in that way viewers might be put off by watching them so dont at all.

  4. Claudia Bauer says:

    Although recaps can be annoying, when you watch more than one episode in a row, I found myself feeling quite relieved to get the condensed info of last weeks’ occurences when I missed an episode or two of a show that I watch on TV.
    However, when they are also used as a commercial trailer and I happen to see it more than twice or so, it can result in an anti-commercial for me and I start to loose interest. It’s just too nerving.
    So, I think it all depends on the quality of a recap. If you feel, that the actors just deliver lines that are written in order to sum up the story line, it is a bugger. But providing the key peaks of conflict can invigorate the viewer’s interest and even the upcoming conflict of the show you are about to see.

    Hope, this was helpful. Good luck for your thesis, Chris.

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