Episode 32 – Castalive II: I ♥ Castabees

I ♥ Castabees (right click and “Save as” for download)

What’s that? It’s time for Casta La Vista’s fiftieth piece of audio content? Well pull out the party poppers! And what better way to celebrate this monumental achievement than by doing it together? That’s right, brothers M and W got together for this one; and with that much beauty in the room, I’m surprised they got anything done!

Aside from gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes (admittedly quite hard to hear on a podcast), our two favourite cohosts review The Fighter, True Grit and Gnomeo & Juliet as well as making some exciting changes to Castamind. Listen in to find out how you can get involved and as always, leave your thoughts in the comments below.


One Response to Episode 32 – Castalive II: I ♥ Castabees

  1. […] our audio review I said that I didn’t see True Grit as a truly ‘Coen’ movie but with hindsight and the means […]

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