Episode 35 – Fancastic Four

Fancastic Four (right click and “save as” for download)


What a special episode of Casta to mark our Coral anniversary! We’re joined by Lee and Dan from Midmo Club who help us guest host the whole episode! Join us then for what inevitably becomes an awesome shambling mess as we review Battle LA, the Company Men and Submarine was well as having an Anchorman themed Castamind and lots of other fun in between!


4 Responses to Episode 35 – Fancastic Four

  1. […] not all! Because Lee and are also guest hosting on the fantastic movie news and reviews podcast Casta La Vista where we talk about Battle: LA, Company Men, and Submarine as well as take part in a quiz all about […]

  2. Here’s my thoughts on Submarine in 140 characters:

    SUBMARINE: Wes Anderson in Wales with a touch of Jared Hess. Very charming performances in this coming of age/first love story. ★★★

  3. […] Casta La Vista – It’s always a good time when we get together with the boys of Casta La Vista so this was no different, although I do manage to go completely dumbfounded at their movie quiz around Anchorman, to be fair I haven’t seen it in quite a while and they watched it a couple of weeks before. […]

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