Episode 37 – Dog Day Castanoon


Dog Day Castanoon (right click and “save as” for download)

That’s right Casta fans! Not even the fact Chrazza Mazza is at this very minute sunning himself in Spain will stop us from bringing you your regularly scheduled dose of Casta La Vista goodness! This episode all gets a little spooky with reviews of Scream 4, Red Riding Hood and *shock* a film that has Danny McBride in first billing!

This will be our last regular episode for a little while what with Ceedub getting married and growing up and all – current guess is that we’ll be back some time in early June so why not jump over to our facebook page until then and hey did you check out when we dropped in on the midmo club last week? Also, just because we love you, we’ll have another Casting Couch very soon too!

Until next time!


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