Episode 38 – Wedding Castas


Wedding Castas (right click and “save as” for download)

That’s right Casta fans, WE’RE BACK! To celebrate the ending of our wedding season absence, we’re proud to present the longest episode of Casta La Vista ever! (that’s a good thing).

We’ve got reviews of… oh pretty much everything that’s been out since we’ve been off. Sit back and let us massage your aural canals for… you know… ages!







2 Responses to Episode 38 – Wedding Castas

  1. It’s good to have you back, guys. My congratulations to the Wakemans!

    I thoroughly enjoyed this bumper review special, reminding me of films I missed (Hanna), hearing your opinions on films I liked (Thor) and peaking my interest of films yet to see (X-Men: First Class).

    As an aside, I laughed at the Hanna trailer because the chosen quotes were something like “Like nothing you’ve seen before!” and then “A modern day Leon!”. Yes, Hanna is like nothing you’ve seen before unless you’ve seen Leon and then it’s like that.

    I’d like to chip in on your Thor review and I think that by dividing the audience into comic fans and non-comic fans is a little narrow minded. Setting aside the idea that all comic fans are superhero nerds, I’m not a fan of superheroes but knew of Thor if not exactly what his origin was or much about his character really, apart from that he was the God of Thunder. When I saw the film it struck me more as a high fantasy, knowingly ridiculous family film. I enjoyed it a lot. I think if I’d seen it when I was 8 I’d be swinging imaginary hammers all over the garden.

    • misschraddon says:

      Why hello there Mr Castwell! Glad you enjoyed the return episode spectacular!

      Did you manage to go see X-Men: First Class? What did you think of it?

      You make a good point about arbitrarily splitting the audience and assuming that all comic fans like superheroes; I suppose then that you could redefine that in the review as “superhero and non-superhero fans”. Apologies for the lack of distinction! I thought Thor was a big fun silly film and agree that I’d be more likely to be swinging an imaginary mjolnir round if I was eight than I would wearing a green imagination ring… but maybe that opinion will change in a couple of weeks…

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