Episode 41 – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Castaban


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Castaban (right click and “save as” for download)

It’s time to wave our wands and bid a fond farewell to the most profitable film franchise of all time (and yes that surprised me too!) – in true Casta fashion however, the farewell isn’t necessarily a fond one… We’ve also got reviews of The Tree of Life and Holy Rollers as well as TRAILER POWER!!! (underlined and in bold), inane chatter and the most underwhelming Castamind yet.


6 Responses to Episode 41 – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Castaban

  1. Ben Spiller says:

    Chris W – did you chew your imaginary toffee before doing this one?

  2. Hello, Castwell here with his two bob, and then some!

    Firstly, loving the bitterness emanating from Castapher W towards Castapher M, most entertaining!

    Now, Harry Potter. I had minimal knowledge of Potter right up until just after 7.1 came out whence my girlfriend Kayla introduced me to the audiobooks read by Stephen Fry that we’d listen to while I was drawing. Kayla made me listen to each book before watching the films and miraculously I listened to every book and watched every film just in time to see 7.2 at the cinema at a double bill, midnight screening.

    Having said all that I would say I’m a Harry Potter fan, simply for the amount of imagination within it’s world and some of the great characters; Snape, Ron, Neville. I wouldn’t say that I’m a HUGE fan however. This may be due to the fact that I’m 29 now and I don’t envision myself in that world as easily I did with say Star Wars. Another factor of this is that the world is mostly inhabited by school children and I’m 29.

    On to the film. On first watch, in the cinema with hundreds of Potter fans all dressed up (them not me, I’m 29), I enjoyed it a lot. I thought each character had their little moment whether it was their triumph, redemption or downfall. You mentioned the Twins scene was downplayed and I agree, their likeable enough that within such a long film they could have spare a few more seconds lamenting them, but as for Lupin and Tonks, I don’t know why they were still involved in the story by this point anyway (both in the books and films). In fact, I don’t know why Tonks was introduced in the first place. Anyway…

    Overall, I thought they couldn’t have done a better job of translating that huge, complicated last book to the screen. The final battle was great and it was a great example of closure.

    That’s not to say that the film is faultless however. Some of the failings you mentioned I agree with, the handling of Voldemort mostly. I never felt like “Oh shit, Voldemorts here! F*ckin’ run!”. This may have to do with I know how the story went, but the part where he laughs and then all the death eaters laugh was comical, almost cartoony, which was closely followed by Voldemort’s awkward little hug with Draco, which was ridiculous. The Dark Lord doesn’t HUG!?! I put this down to Yates’ decision (probably) to include moments of light relief in the film, which there are very little of in the book if I recall. Most of the time it works well, and I value that addition to the original material, but here, at such a tense, dramatic, sad and supposedly menacing moment in the film it tips the mod off kilter. Even the die-hard Potter fans at the midnight screening were laughing.

    So there you go.

    And another thing! I think Castamind is becoming too exclusive again. I know you’re both busy, but do it right or not at all guys! Think of it as a pub quiz kind of feature, something all the listeners can join in with. Who’s going to go and watch the last 20mins of ‘My Cousin Vinnie’ to join in? No-one. Even you two barely managed it. Castamind used to be my favourite bit of the show, but it has lost it’s lustre. I think you’d better revamp your approach to it, or remove it from the show. I hope the more friendly topic of Spider-man films can enliven this once great feature.

    And finally, the 2nd Casta La Vista Birthday Party. BRING IT ON! And may I humble suggest, movie fancy dress? Any character from any film. Everyone could find something they could dress up as in that broad theme. AND you two have to be Marty McFly and Indiana Jones. HAVE TO.

    Well, that’s enough from me. I’ve been Adam Castwell (29) and you’ve been reading the Casta Comments. Goodnight.

  3. wakeman24 says:

    Positives, negatives, agrees and disagrees…I love a good Castwell comment!

    On your head be it – Castamind is dropped! You’re right. We don’t have the time for it anymore…so why even bother? But it begs the question, what’s your new favourite bit of the show? (I would also like to add that ‘My Cousin Vinnie’ was completely Chris M’s fault)

    I’ve already Indied up once in the last 12months so I’m not sure I can muster a second blast. But certainly a party of sorts must occur. Chris M will have more details in the next episode.

  4. My favourite new bit of the show would be ‘Trailer Power!!!’ or whatever you dubbed it this episode. The “news” section where you comment on trailers. I like how it’s not simply you two saying “That looks crap”, it’s rating the effectiveness of garnering your interest or, in the case of established franchises (which is more common than not nowadays) selling you an idea you already know. Plus because you watch more trailers than me, alerting me to upcoming films I haven’t heard of yet.

    Here’s an idea: Why not put the trailers you talk about in the episode on the blog on the same day the podcast goes up? It’d save us listeners the mighty effort of Googling.

  5. Dan says:

    3D tv glasses work rather cleverly by increadibly quickly polarising each lens alternately so you can’t see through it, and synching that with the TV. You don’t notice when you watch tv, but if you look away everything flickers.

    I know this because panasonic paid for me to come to pinewood studios to see a demo. Because I’m so dos damn important.

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