Episode 44 – Viva Cast Vegas


Viva Cast Vegas (right click and “save as” for download)

Apologies for the delay Casta Fans but here’s your brand new episode, just a little later than usual. We’ve got reviews of Cowboys & Aliens, The Inbetweeners Movie and Conan the Barbarian (oh and Chris references my review of  The Guard) as well as the usual fun which will leave you chewing leather (question mark?exlamation mark!)

The trailers in this episode’s TRAILER POWER!!! (or as Chris wrote it; TrailerPower) are; Blackthornthe Woman in Black, Abduction, Margaret, Puncture & The Father of Invention. Let us know your thoughts on these or any other trailers out right now.

Just as Chrazza Mazza has himself all set up with internets, Chrazza Wazza decides to go on a month long honeymoon! Never fear though friends as there’ll be some new content in the break between episodes proper with a very special appearance from a Casta La Vista favourite. Until then!


5 Responses to Episode 44 – Viva Cast Vegas

  1. Another great episode, well done guys. Not much to say except this was a very satisfying listen. Informative and amusing Trailer Power! and good, chunky reviews. I like the idea of a Casta Favourites section. A Hall of Fave if you will.


    • wakeman24 says:

      I like Hall of Fave…can i steal that? Might try and ‘Casta’ it up but I like the concept. Glad you like the episode Castwell…another satisfied customer!

  2. Shane Jones says:

    Hey guys, after months and months i finally made it threw your podcasts and are up to date! been really loving the show and keep up the good work. of course now i have to wait a month for the next!! lol

    im so glad of your review of cowboys vs aliens i have been saying im not interested in this film since the trailer turned up (and i cant stand daniel craig). but my mate said is was awesome and bugging me to watch it. im staying clear!!
    as soon as you mentioned certain scenes you can say about a film i knew you were talking about the dancing in inbetweeners. i havnt laughed so much in the cinema in years!

    keep up the good work

    • wakeman24 says:

      Well hopefully Chris M will blast out something awesome in the meantime! Glad you liked the back catalogue, there’s some dodgy material and recording quality back there though! Good to have you on board. Yes at times The Inbetweeners experience had me hoping noone was watching my reactions – there were a lot of guffaws and hoots and hand claps…can only imagine Chris M’s reactions – he enjoys a right good giggle!

      I actually like Daniel Craig for the most part – i think he’s a perfect Bond and cuts a smooth cloth…but in this he was just wasted. Harrison Ford; now there’s someone I can stand!

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