Episode 44b – So I Married a Cast Murderer

So I Married a Cast Murderer (right click and “save as” for download)

Brother Wakeman is off on honeymoon but no fear! Casta La Vista is still here to sate your filmic hunger! What do we really know about Chris’ new bride? Not a lot actually… she could end up being a Cast Murderer! (booo!) . Given this potentially horrific course of events, we thought we’d treat you to a late summer horror special!

Casta La Vista is by no means a one man sho, so guest hosting this episode is the fancastic friend of the show Adam Cadwell; listen in as he bumbles his way through the regular Casta content as we (amongst other things) review Friends with Benefits, Apollo 18 and Kill List.

The trailers discussed in this episode’s Trailer Power (*insert lightning here*) were: 30 Minutes or Less, MelancholiaDream House and Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and as referenced in the dying seconds of the episode, I am Legend 2: Awakening.

We’ll be back for another Wakeman-less episode in a fortnight. Kisses!


2 Responses to Episode 44b – So I Married a Cast Murderer

  1. This new host says “erm” way too much.

  2. wakeman24 says:

    I can’t wait to listen and dissect your every comment Castwell!

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