Episode 44c – Rosencast and Guildenstern are Dead


Rosencast& Guildenstern are Dead (right click and “save as” for download)

Do you love Gary Oldman? If so then you’ll love episode 44c of Casta La Vista as Chris goes off on a bit of a love fest for everybody’s favourite super versatile middle aged English acting gentleman. Inbetween the gushing there’s also reviews of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Change Up and Warrior and of course some TRAILER POWER!

Trailers in this episode’s Trailer Power are; The Rum DiaryExtremely Loud and Incredibly CloseWe Need to Talk about Kevin, John Dies at the End and Paranormal Activity 3.

Hopefully Brother W will have finished his jaunt by the time the next episode rolls around so we should be back up to full Casta team power by then. Big thanks go out to Adam Cadwell again for kindly guest hosting a second time (and doing it much better this time around!).


One Response to Episode 44c – Rosencast and Guildenstern are Dead

  1. Umming and erming aside, I think I did much better this time, as you say, and even my gaff at the end which I had hoped you’d edit out was amusing. I’m glad you left your Hans Zimmer coughing fit in too as a blooper.

    Nice work us!

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