Episode 48 – O Casta, Where Art Thou?


O Casta, Where Art Thou (right click and “save as” for download)

We know, we know; it’s been a while but hey we’re hear now so don’t bend our ears too much!

Casta La Vista is back for another fun foray into filmland with reviews of the Muppets, the Descendants, Carnage, Haywire, Woman in Black and Underworld: Awakening Corialanus and a healthy dose of our standard nonsense.



2 Responses to Episode 48 – O Casta, Where Art Thou?

  1. Adam Cadwell says:

    Don’t worry about the late comment approval, guys, I didn’t even notice!

    Here’s my tweet reviews again:

    HAYWIRE: A slow burn, 70s style, spy thriller with a good story but weak ending. Gina Carano has a great presence, very very watchable. ★★★

    THE WOMAN IN BLACK: A bleak and creepy old fashioned horror slathered in thick suspense. A genuine chill went through me at one point. ★★★★

    THE MUPPETS: A wholesome, undeniably enjoyable return for Henson’s greatest creations. The many comic gems make up for the slight plot. ★★★

    It’s been a good month I thought.

    That 5 star ratings system again:

    ★★★★★ All time favourite
    ★★★★ Brilliant, original and crafted
    ★★★ Fun, entertaining but not thrilling
    ★★ Just disappointing
    ★ Woefully awful


    • wakeman24 says:

      Yeah it wasn’t a bad month at all. And good to see good bits of popcorn-tainment whilst we’re all meant to be focused on ‘oscar-worthy’ stuff.

      I eventually saw Haywire myself. I really liked it but i think it was yet another movie that was grossly missold. Woman in Black has stayed with me too – I wouldn’t watch it again but I’m recommending it to people on the fence. I think Radcliffe will be ok in the long run.

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