CAST Away III: Casta La Vista returns (ish!)

March 31, 2012

Your hostests with the mostests for this very special episode of Casta La Vista.
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CAST Away III: Casta La Vista returns (ish!) (right click and “save as” for download)

Hello friends, family, enemies and enemas.

Casta La Vista finds itself in something of an extended hiatus at the moment due to CERTAIN people being on holiday, and certain other people having seen hardly any new cinematic output of late.

In an attempt to stem the tide of this delay Chris Wakeman has rounded up a rabble of cohorts to deliver a snapshot of what’s been happening in movie-land over the last month or so, and what top news stories have set the scene for the coming months.

Enjoy the chatter and remember to post your comments below if you like what you hear or want to offer your own take on the latest goings on!

Speak again soon (hopefully!)