The Re-Review – True Grit

February 25, 2011

The first time around True Grit was to me nothing more than a damn good Western. I was particularly impressed with Hailee Steinfeld, I thought the cinematography and score were superb and I enjoyed the dialogue and the character development. I felt that as a whole the film was a fitting tribute to a well worn genre that allowed the Coen Brothers to sit back and rest on some laurels but still gain some plaudits and award nominations.

My thumb was up, but I wasn’t exactly screaming praise from the rooftops.

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Another brilliant Casta La Vista idea!

February 25, 2011

We’re Geniuses!

After recently seeing True Grit for the second time I found myself feeling utterly muted. This second viewing of The Coen Brother’s western left me brimming with things to say, praise to dole out, initial concerns to rectify.

“Alas,” I said to myself “it cannot be. These things will remain forever unsaid as I have already had my opportunity to review the film in Casta La Vista Episode 32 – Castalive II: I ♥ Castabees.”

That was until a thought struck and I realised my own potential; “This is half-my website…I can do what I want!”

And so it is with great honour that I unveil to you another Casta La Vista first…

…The Re-Review. Ta Dah!!!!!

The simple fact is that sometimes once isn’t enough for a movie. A second bite at the cherry can allow a person to take more from a film than a single viewing might for any number of reasons; second time round there is less cause to pay attention to the narrative because we know what happens at the end so we can focus on other things; we might be in a different mood to the first time around; we might be less drunk.

Also time has an impact. Chris and I reviewed some films mere hours after seeing them for the first time. Has everything about the film settled in to our fragile minds yet? What are we comparing it to?

As such from time to time we will take the opportunity to look back on films that we have previously covered and say our piece about why we’ve changed our minds. We think it makes us look very humble and willing to admit that sometimes we can be wrong or a bit impulsive with our opinions.

But then again we would say that because we’re both awesome.

Anyway…True Grit…

Point of note: There is no amount of multiple viewings or time spent mulling over that can make GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra a good movie. Just so we’re clear.