Who are Casta La Vista?

Casta La Vista is a movie podcast created and hosted by two English guys who love cinema and who enjoy nothing more than banging on about it – especially to each other.

Let me introduce you to:

Chris Wakeman: he’s the one who knows what he’s talking about. He has a degree in Film Studies & Creative Writing and is currently studying a Masters in Hollywood Studies, but quite aside from professional qualifications – Chris started buying Total Film and Empire when he was eleven and when he first saw it, thought Rush Hour was the best film ever made. This guy has always loved movies more than pretty much anything else (excluding his lovely fiancée Katie). He basically plans out Casta TO THE MAX and is responsible for all the intelligent sounding content.

Chris Madden: he’s the one who knows what he’s doing – chances are that if there’s anything vaguely technical looking then he’s responsible for it (usually with a little help from other people). Chris has a degree in English which specialised in Film theory and Cinema – he chooses to ignore critical theory however, and focus more on whether or not stuff is “AMAZING!” When he was nine, he refused to see Jurassic Park because he thought it was real. A traditional moviegoer at heart, Chris bypasses subtleties and tells it like it is – usually resulting in the slightly less intelligent sounding content.

We hear what you’re all shouting, “How can I get involved?” Well that’s easy! You can leave comments on the posts, join the Facebook Group, send us an email, follow us on Twitter or subscribe to us on itunes. We’re only as good as you make us (well maybe a little bit better) so go on, jump in!



2 Responses to Who are Casta La Vista?

  1. Vicky Heaton says:

    Hello you 2! I just thought I would have a goosey gander at your website. Its very good and really quite funny. I hope it becomes more famous than Stephen Hawkins’ radio mouth because thats just freaky. Lots of love to you both good luck with everything xx

  2. JP says:

    “When he was nine, he refused to see Jurassic Park because he thought it was real.” – Hahahaha Bless you Chris.

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