March 9, 2010

The people have spoken! The word is good! That word?!


That’s right fact fans, it was a double whammy win for Mazza’s film of choice that came out trumps when our titans clashed®Clash of the Titans both in our mega poll and at the Razzies over the weekend.

Transformers 2 managed to walk away with Razzies for the worst film, worst director and worst original screenplay. Shocking stuff. But that’s not to say that GI Joe was without its own embarrassment as our own ever delightful Sienna Miller picked up worst supporting actress (despite being totally hot).

I know what you’re all screaming! Forget the Razzies! What was the final tally of the poll? Well it was close at the end but GI Joe picked up 51.5% of the votes with Transformers putting up a good last minute performance and closing the gap impressively, but ultimately falling short at the finish.

And now to say a few words – Mister Christopher Wakeman:

Honestly, I didn’t think it would be that close! I thought GI Joe was going to walk this and in a way I’m really proud of Transformers 2 and want to thank all of its fans for turning up and showing your support – we nearly did it! This is the equivalent of any of other tennis player in the world (with the exception of Nadal) making it into a 5th set against Roger Federer… at the end of the day the Fed-meister is always going to win.

I will continue to stand by ROTF as FOR ME it still stands above GI JOE as the more entertaining of the two films. I wish I could tell you exactly why – a sense of allegiance to both Michael Bay and robots? Stubbornness? A little from column A, a little from column B – but at the end of the day I am man enough to admit that the people have spoken and in conclusion… it appears both films both suck balls.

On a final note I would like to say that whilst I appreciate Chris 1’s reference to the Razzie victory, I in no way shape or form respect the opinion of the voters in that ceremony. I think the idea of celebrating the worst of cinema year-on-year is a good thing, but what is the point in even paying reference to movies starring Myley Cyrus or The Jonas Brothers even in an ironic awards show? It is cynicism gone mad and there is far more crap out there to lambast, like ROFT and The Rise of Cobra. Also, how did Knowing and The Ugly Truth avoid nominations for 2010?

Big Hugs as always,

Wakeman out!

And for his rebuttal, our glorious and heraldic winner: Mister Christoper Madden (who spelled his name incorrectly, then left the error in for posterity).

Firstly I just wanted to say a huge thank you to those who voted along with me. Together we managed to prove that just under half of the Casta audience and exactly half of the Casta board have shocking taste in film, whilst just over half of the Casta audience and again exactly half of the Casta board have equally shocking taste in film.

Seriously though I think this exercise was a great idea and, potentially more than anything else we’ve done to date, serves as a perfect representation of exactly why we started Casta in the first place. Sure neither of these films was brilliant in any regard and, as proved over the last few weeks, neither of them are going to pick up any credible awards – but cinema and movies in general shouldn’t be about awards or box office takings, at the end of the day it all comes down to entertainment and-  shocking as they both might be – I feel safe in saying that these two giant waste of spaces put together probably entertained more people worldwide over the last year than anything bar Avatar. Sure they’re stupid but life’s too short to take everything seriously.

I honestly believe we need more films about giant robots and men in accelerator suits fighting ninjas in jets being chased by super 4x4s with rocket launchers filled with nano machine bio weapons who are busy blowing up the Eiffel Tower (SPOILER ALERT!) and of course, more Brendan Fraser.

Madden out!