GUEST REVIEW- Sex And The City 2

May 31, 2010

Hello Casta-persons! Like it or lump it the big release this weekend was the eagerly anticipated (by at least 51% of the human population) Sex and the City 2. Now, neither myself  or Chris M could bring ourselves to view this mighty offering, not even at the expense of subjecting each other to it, so for a time it looked like we would fail in our promise to deliver you, our loving fan base, a review of a big film that we really should have an opinion on…

FEAR NOT THOUGH because help is at hand as Katie Dimaline (our first Casta-in-law) has stepped up and delivered a cracking written review for everyone’s approval.

As a result, Katie joins the ever growing legion of Casta Club members and the requisite badges and certificate will be heading her way just as soon as we get round to it all right!

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Enjoy the review!

After 14 years of SATC (Sex And The City- keep up!- CW) might the producers have been forgiven for thinking that female audiences had had enough Cosmopolitans (drink- CW) and Jimmy Choos (shoes- CW) to last them a lifetime? Put simply, no. The decision to make another movie was one that set female tongues wagging for months and the release this weekend will have had plenty of ‘all-girl’ group viewings (in my screening I probably saw less than 10 men). That isn’t to say that SATC2 has nothing to offer the male viewer- for the first twenty minutes there was plenty of bra-less boob action, perhaps added to satisfy the male viewers into acquiescence whilst they endured a film that is, much like its predecessor, pretty much the same as the TV show except over 2 hours long.

My first reaction was that SATC was really good; entertaining, very funny in places and well worth watching. However on closer inspection the overwhelming opinion I have is that as watchable as the film is the concept of SATC just doesn’t work very well as a film. It’s about twenty minutes too long, a criticism that can be laid at the first films feet too, and the length emphasizes the flaws in characters that a 25 minute show manages to mask. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are stereotypes of themselves now and perhaps the writers feel there isn’t anywhere for them to grow.

The writer, Michael Patrick King, has apparently said the decision to set the film in Abu Dhabi was in order to get the girls away from their husbands and babies so they could act like single girls again – in my opinion this isn’t really what I wanted to see. For many the draw of watching the show was to see four fabulous women living in New York, dressing like they live on a catwalk and sharing the same dating dilemmas as women all over the world. This ‘sisterhood’ that had been created was a huge reason the show was so popular. By aiming to cast the women as single again the film takes 7 Manolo (shoes- CW) steps back in time– it was difficult to reconnect with these old friends.

Having said that the film was very funny and it drew some applause from the audience I watched it with – albeit not from my hands. There was no embarrassing toilet scene this time round but Charlotte did fall off a camel and there was a hilarious scene where Samantha air humps and screams ‘yes I have sex!’ in front of hundreds of conservative Arab men. I’m not sure how this film will be perceived by people in the UAE, although scenes like this certainly aided in constructing Samantha as the ‘typically American’ stereotype she is often positioned as; one that is big, brash and couldn’t give a shit about an unfamiliar culture. Samantha is arrested for having sex on the beach and is released with not so much as a slap on the wrists – something tells me the families of the man and woman currently awaiting sentence for merely kissing on a beach won’t take too kindly to the way in which this scene was handled!!

Criticisms like this will not stop women seeing this film and it certainly won’t stop there from being a third. I did really like the film, it’s a good way to spend an evening with your girlfriends and if you don’t look too closely it is highly enjoyable for a piece of popcorn cinema.

Short and sweet, just like the author! Cheers Katie. Winky face!